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That’s the shot!


It was finally time to leave the party town and give our livers a rest. Jules Marnie and I jumpped on a rickety old boat and headed over to the island Omatepe. It was a pretty rough and wet trip so we were all pretty excited to get off the boat. The rest of the crew were heading over later as Rach still had a shift to do at Casa. We headed to the hostel to try and secure some accomdation for the 7 of us. Thankfully there were exactly 7 beds left at the hostel but Jules and I had to take one for the team and stay in a private room. It was so nice to have a room to ourselves that was quite!! Such a difference from Casa. We really didn’t get up to much on the first day on the island. We mainly just chilled at the hostel in this cool treehouse.

The next morning we were up for an early start. Marnie, Jules and I had booked onto a horse ridding trip along the beach. Our horses (sorry ponies) were tiny! We all were experienced riders so really we just wanted to go galloping along the beach. For the first half of the ride it was pretty hard to get them to do anything. We walked and sometimes trotted along a not so nice beach. After 45mins or so we decided to turn around and back towards the hostel. The horses finally got their butts moving and we finally galloped along the beach. It was good fun but not as amazing as the time kirsten and I werein Costa Rica.

Jules and Marnie on their ponies

That afternoon the rest of the crew joined us and we all hired mopeds to hoon around the island. The Motley Moped crew was formed. I had to ride on the back of Rach’s bike as I lost my license when I lost my wallet and also am a shit moped driver as I discovered in Vietnam. Jules and Marnie were also sharing as Marnie had to leave that afternoon. Our crew consisted of The Girls, Rob, Ben, Jack, Michael and Johannas. It was so much fun. We went down some dodgy roads at the start which our little mopeds struggled to handle and thought it was better to stick to the paved roads.

Motley Moped crew!! 🏍

We went and checked out Ojo de Agua which is a spring fed pool. It was very pretty but there were loads of people there ao wasn’t super relaxing. We went for a swim and grabbed some lunch and then decided to jump back on the mopeds and start hooning around again. I wish we could say we had no accidents but towards the end of the day when we were dropping Marnie off, Jules and her had a little tumble and ended up braking one of the mirrors off the moped. I think they had to pay a little fine and poor Marnie grazed the side of her leg. We didn’t think it was too bad but it ended up getting infected and she had to go to hospital… :-/ thankfully she was on her way home so didn’t have to go to a Nicaraguan hosptial!!
We ended the evening drinking beers and watching the sunset behind a volcano and competing to see who could get the best photo. Of course I think I got the best one!!

Drinking beers watching the sunset

That’s the shot!!