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Free sailing trip in the BVIs? I think so!!


After months of planing and hundreds of emails it was time to go sailing with Captain Bob in the BVIs. I “met” Bob through a website called It  is a site that you can create a profile on and then search for jobs on boats all around the world. Bob actually got in touch with me and asked me if I wanted to go on a trip for 10 days sailing the british virgin islands all expenses (including flights) paid. How could I say no?!?!

After a few set backs (we had to change the departure date as bob had a little cancer scare) the time had come. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. Everyone had filled me with horror stories of he’s going to kill you or rape you or be expecting things. This could possibly be one of the stupidest things I had signed up for but hey I had already comited…

As I had to change my flights to depart from Cancun instead of Baltimore, due to the change of date, I had an overnight stop over in Atlanta. I had to pay for the hotel here so I stayed in the cheapest dodgiest motel that still cost $70 a night! It was just like one of those shitty motels in the movies. At least I had my own queen size bed which was a bit of an upgrade from my plastic covered mattress bunk bed with bed bugs (the plastic did nothing!)

It was finaly time to meet Bob. We met at the gate for our plane to St. Thomas. First impressions: he’s not murderous rapist!!! Yay!! I guess I could still be wrong but he seemed like a really nice guy. The first day was spent trecking out to Tortola  (1 flight, 1 ferry and a few taxis) checking into our boat and getting to know a bit about eachother. The boat was amazing and huge! I had 2 rooms (1 for sleeping, 1 to keep my crap) and my own bathroom. It was the fanciest sail boat I have ever been on.

Our boat: 40 Below

My room!

The next day we set sail. We were off to our first stop on virgin gorda to see the famous baths (obviously not that famous as I’d never heard of them before). They were pretty cool. It was a bunch of huge boulders all stacked together and leaning on eachother creating little tunnels and caves you could walk through that eventually lead out onto an awesome beach.

At the baths

Our next stop wasn’t too far from where we had selpt that night. After a quick breakfast of bagels on the boat we motored on over to our next moaring ball. We didn’t get up to much here mainly just swimming, and had a fee cocktails. Bob based his whole trip on resteraunts to eat out at. I guess it is one of the main things to do on the island especially if you don’t drink or party. That night we had dinner at a restaurant called saba rock. It was really nice and they had these huge lights in the water that attracted these big fish. All in all it was a nice night.

One of the many beach bars

Day 3: Diaster strikes!! We were off to another island (i never really kept track of the island names) and went to set sail. We had been having some trouble getting the main sail up (the one time we used it) as it seemed to be getting stuck. As we were trying to put the sail up this time Bob snapped the rope (I’m sure it has a stupid name but I don’t know it). The reef (I didn’t know its name at the time) was too tight stopping the sail from goong up and bob was using the automatic wench. He couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t work but after a lot of convincing from me he realised it wasn’t broken and he had stuffed up.

Happy sailing times (when the sails are down)

Later that day we lost our dingy as bob had done a pretty shit knot in the rope. Thankfully it was brought back to us by some guy working at the ferry as we didn’t even notice it was gone…. On top of this it took 5 goes to get a moaring ball as it was so windy and we almost lost our hook as it got stuck in the moaring ball rope. I also think I pulled something in my shoulder trying to hold onto the rope 😦

We spent the rest of the time island hopping, swimming and eating. Our days basically revolved aroind meals. All the meals were amazing. We had a massive lobster one night that was delicious  (and super expensive). We also had went to a beautiful resteraunt that used to be an old sugar mill. We deffinitly never went hungry!

Bob and I at sugar mill

Now I know that I am extremely lucky to have gone on this trip and not have spent a single $1 but I have to be a horrible person and have a whinge. 80% of the time I loved Bob. He was a really nice and generous man and allowed me to go on this incredible trip. But the other 20% of the time I wanted to kill him (These percentages swapped towards the end of the trip). There was a lot of deap breathing going on as I was on a boat with just him for 10 days. I would have killed anyone in this time, let alone a complete stranger.

My biggest complaint would have to be his lack of common sence and his inability to hear/listen. For someone that had been sailing in the BVIs for over 20 years you would think that he would be a pro. I felt I was constantly having to tell him what to do and I have never even sailed before!! It just made logical sence. He seemed to make everything 10 times harder then it had to be. For example for 2 days he would manually pull up this heavy ass dingy. I suggested a few times using the wench next to it and it took 2 days before he finally let me try. It was obviously so much easier!! I could go on forever and seem like a total bitch so Im going to stop here coz in the end he is a nice guy that ment well and took me on a trip of a life time so I think I can put up with his slow, awkward difficult way of doing things.

Captain Bob

By the end of the 10 days I was definitely ready to go. 7 days would have been perfect. But even with all my bitching, it was an amazing trip and an experience of a life time!

Basically what every beach looked like