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What happens in Sunny Beach


I had a week free before I was meeting the girls in Greece so I decided I would go and visit Radek in sunny beach. He had said not to come as it wasn’t that nice a place but I decided it couldn’t be THAT bad. Then I mentioned it to Jamie and he informed me of a tv show that was filmed there….. It was like Geordie shore on steroids. Apparently sunny beach is the place where young brits go to get written off, sleep with loads of people and vomit A LOT! I had mentally prepared myself and after a quite week of no partying in Sweden I was ready!

After hanging out at the airport for a few hours as i had stupidly booked a really early flight, I finally arrived at the hotel Radek was staying at. He had managed to organise an all-inclusive wrist band for me which ment free food and booze! We were off to a great start. Radek had to work that day so I headed down to the beach to work on my tan.

That night we headed off to the city centre to have a few drinks with Radek’sĀ friends. They were all pretty nice but I didn’t really get to know them as they were all Polish so spoke polish the whole night. Thankfully I was pretty drunk so it didn’t bother me too much. After sitting on the beach for hours we finally headed to a club called Hollister. We had a few drinks here and a little dance but headed home earlyish (3am) as Radek had work the next day.

I spent the next day lying on the beach again reading my book and recovering from the night before to be ready for another night out. Radek was supposed to finish work at 7 but there were people having a sad about their accommodation and he needed to sort it out. What was supposed to be a quick 1 hour turned into 3 and Radek didn’t get back till 11pm. We had a few beers on the beach and called it a night.

It was finally Radek’s day off and I was excited that I was going to get to spend some time with him! The gods were definitely against me on this trip as Radek got called into work to sort out some drama. I thought it was going to be a quick fix and he would be back in an hour or so. 6 hours later he finally returned! We headed to the beach bar to have a drink but Radek still had some more work to do and was dying from the “man flu” so it was another quite night. We did manage to go Nesbar (the old town) to see some of the churches and old houses which was pretty cool.

Before going to sunnybeach I thought it was going to be an insane party with 18 year olds throwing up everywhere based on the show. This is really only a tiny part of it and is pretty contained to a few streets so if you want a massive party you can easily find it but if not its easy to avoid. It is however a place of all inclusive package holidays so it draws that particular crowd and isn’t much of a cultural experience. If Radek wasn’t there it probably wouldn’t have been on my list of places to go but I’m glad I got to see him for the short time I did!