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Hasta luego Mexico!


After 3 weeks at the beach I was well and truely over sunbathing and swimming so I decided to ditch Belize and head straight to Guatemala. It was a long trip, around 12 hours with 2 boarder crossings. I was heading to the small island called flores. We were staying in an awesome hostel called Los Amigos. I made friends with a girl on the bus who was also from Perth called Whitney. She was travelling for an indefinite period through Central and South America. (Whitney’s favourite words: English: literally, Spanish: Perfecto! These words are said at least 15 times a day min).

We really didn’t get up to much on the first day. Just had a wander around town and a but of an admin day (laundry and planning). The hostel had awesome food so we ended up eating there most days.

It’s my birthday!! Birthdays abroad are either a big thing or not when you are travelling. As I hadn’t been traveling with anyone for a long time it was just a normal day. We decided to go and check out the ruins in Tikal. Acording to everyone these were a must see! We weren’t off to a great start. They loaded us into a tiny van with no aircon and then after 5 mins of driving stopped on the side of the road for 15 mins leaving us to pool in our own sweat. We made another 2 pointless stops in what was supposed to be a 1.5 hr bus trip.

Whitney and me in Tikal

To say I wasnt in the best of moods at the start of the tour would be a massive understatement. After what felt like a lifetime of fucking about we finaly got to start our tour. We had opted for the sunset tour as we really weren’t keen to wake up for the sunrise. I probably should have done the math but (our tour started at 12 and it was a sunset tour…) but I didn’t so I didn’t realise it was going to be a 5 hour tour!! Our guide ment well and was really passionate about archiology but as a guide he sucked. Every other word was “you see” which got extremely annoying plus he didn’t tell us any of the exciting stuff. Instead of going into all the stories about who lived there and sacrafices and indoor plumbing he went on and on about how the pyramids were excavated and rebuilt and how to interperate some tomb stone. It was completely lost on all of us. We were hot and tired and so hungry by the end of it. The ruins were amazing and there were hardly any people there but my memory of the place is a bit jaded…

Watching the sunset on the Lake in flores (better then the on at Tikal)


Back to Mehico! 


After making a small fortune in flighr vouchers ($US1400), thankyou Delta! I was back in beautiful mexico!! I was meeting Nick in Playa del Carmen so after a quick stop in Cancun I was off on a shuttle to Playa.

Nick insisted on staying in a private room, being the princess he is, so we managed to find one in a hostel. Best of both worlds. I really had no interest in going to Playa as it is just a massive tourist trap (think Kuta Bali) but that’s where Nick wanted to go and I thought it would be fun to hang out with him for a few days.

We started off with a tour to Tulum. This is where I wanted to stay as it has amazing beaches and is a pretty chilled out place full of backpackers. Alas it wasn’t to be (I could have gone after Nick left but by then I was all beached out…). We started off at the ruins. These are peobably the least impressive ruins but in the best location; and you know what they say… location, location, location! These Myans must have been loaded! It was insanely hot and overcrowded so that also detracted from the apeal maling these my least favorite ruins.

Tikal ruins

It was then off for a quick pit stop at the beach to cool off and highlight how crap the Playa beach was, then off to the grand Cynote. The Yucatan is basically all limestone and therefore riddeled with sink holes that they call Cynotes. They are full of fresh water and are like giant caves and tunnels you can swim through. They were pretty cool. There is an option to go diving there but we didn’t do that… I might do it if I end up going back there.

The Grand Cynote

Finally it was time to go swimming with the whale sharks!! I had been waiting for weeks to go as I knew Nick would want to do it (such a nice friend). After a lot of fucking about picking people up, we were off on the boat to go and find them! I have no idea how they manage to find them every day. It felt like we were in the middle of no where. Then suddenly on the horizon we saw hundreds of boats! They must have found them!! For the amount of boats there you would think that the water would be packed with tourists trying to get close to them but there were so many whale sharks that it was only ever you and your partner swimming with the shark at one time. They swam quite fast but you could keep up with them for your allocated time. It was pretty amazing and definitely worth the money ($US120)!

Whale sharks!!

Our last day together was spent on the worst snorkling tours I have been on. We were thinking about going diving in Cozumel but decided we didn’t want to spend the money (and if th snorkling is anything to go by we made the right choice). I was a little toured out so wasn’t paying much attention when we were booking it, plus the ferry was about to leave so we kinda made a rush decision. The snorkling was shit!! We went to 3 spts where there was no coral and hardly any fish. Was such a waste of money! Nick and I were so annoyed but really we should have looked into it more…
That night Nick had a date with a guy he met off grinder so I had the night to myself. Oriana and Robert were coming down from Cancun and we were going to have a crazy night out. They were supposed to be in playa at around 9:30 so I was ready to go and waiting. I should have known better. I got a txt at 9 and they hadn’t even left Cancun!! They eventually arrived at 11:30! I was almost asleep. We finaly made it out around midnight. It ended up being an awesome night out!! We were up patying till 5:30. Eventually I managed to drag the girls home and Robert had to get on a bus back to Cancun as he was going on a tour to chichanitza (can’t spell) at 7am!

Cancun Alpha #greeklife


For the first time ever my iron stomach was defeated! It actually started in San Cristobal the night before I flew out. I wasn’t feeling that well at dinner and on the walk home it really hit me. Thankfully I just managed to make it back to the hostel where everything came out (both ends). The rest of the night I spent throwing up. It truely sucked. I was still sick the next morning but managed to make it onto my flight to cancun.

I wasn’t planning on spending much time in Cancun. Just 2 nights and was going to head off to Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox. Alas things didn’t go as I had planned (seems to be a running theme for this trip). There is only one hostel on Isla Mujeres and Holbox and they were both fully booked for the entire week. I could have tried going there and trying my luck but was feeling pretty lazy and didn’t want to risk it.

We didn’t want to wait in line to get a pic

I really didn’t get up to much in Cancun. Nick was going to meet me in Playa del Carmen when I got back from the BVIs so I had to wait for him to do a lot of things (like the whale sharks). We mainly spent our days going to the beach and day drinking. There were 2 people at my hostel from Kentucky that I had met in San Cristobal called Chloe and Jerome that I spent most of my time with. We would go down to the beach and buy 1L cocktails for 120 pesos and listen to music. One day we managed to get a pretty big group together from the hostel and created our fraternity group Alpha Cancun. It was actually a really fun day where we drank way too much!

Cancun Alpha!

The only touristy thing I managed to do while in Cancun was go to Coco Bongo. Cancun is full of super clubs and each night they have something on. Coco Bongo runs everynight and is THE place to go apparently. Its not really a club more like a show where you dance between each act and get free drinks. It ended up being an awesome night. Thankfully Robert (a guy from Venezuela) was our “guide” instead of the normal party guy Chris. Chris was ok but was just one of those people who thought they knew everything and were really cool coz they could drink loads so all his stories revolved around him being so drunk. I guess that’s what happens when you are the party person for 2 years at a hostel.

Vegas Strip of Cancun

It was an awesome night out! The performances were amazing! It started off with people hanging from the roof on silks. They then had everyone from Queen to Madonna to Beyonce. One of my favorite acts was between spiderman and this green thing (obviously not a spiderman fan) having a huge battle with them swinging through the air. Suprisingly our little group managed to stick together and left the club around 5:30.

Coco Bongo Crew!

Syydneyyy (said in whale)


As i now hate long haul flights, i decided to try and break the trip up a little with a pit stop in sydney. Luckily enough that’s where Nick lived and i hadn’t seen him in years so thought it would be an awesome time to catch up!

The first day I was there nick was working so I joined a free walking tour to check out some of the sights of syndey. I have been in my fair share of walking tours and i wouldn’t say this was the greatest one but she did an awesome job of trying to make Australian history interesting. At least sydney had a bit more to talk about then perth would…. after the tour I bummed around until nick finished work and then met him for drinks at the opera house. It was a pretty spectacular backdrop for after work drinks!


The weather was amazing so we decided to check out the other manin attraction sydney had to offer, Bondi. Instead of just having a relaxing day at the beach nick made us go on a massive walk from Coggee to Bondi. Everyone in Sydney is really into their fitness! Everywhere I looked there would be people running. The walk was actually beautiful and was a really nice day out. I was pretty pooped at the end of i though! Was the most exercise I had done in months.


That night we were off to a Disney birthday party. We put in a very lame effort into our costume and just wore some disney tshirts. I can’t say the same for everyone else! They looked AMAZING! I really wish i had taken some pictures. As usual I got insanely drunk (starting with 2 long island ice teas will do that) so don’t remeber too much of the night but im sure it was a great time!

We really didn’t get up to much on my last day. We were both pretty hungover so just bummed around most of the day watching shit tv. It was awesome seeing Nick and checking out some of the sights of syndey! Next time he’ll have to come to the country ūüôā


Back on the Road


After not having to pack my bag and move around for the last week, I was struggling to get back on the road. I was kinda backtracking as I had run out of time trying to get to Dubrovnick¬†for the sailing trip that I had to skip through Bosnia. Thankfully Mostar wasn’t too far away from Split (nothing is really very far in europe) so I hopped on a bus and set off to see the famous bridge.

Mostar¬†is famous for its bridge, Stari¬†Most (Old Bridge), that was destroyed during the Balkan war and eventually rebuilt in 2004. While the bridge is super impressive, what has really made Mostar¬†famous is people jumping¬†off the bridge. It is a tradition for men to jump of the bridge since¬†it was first built which has now been taken over by dumb tourists. For 25 Euro you can join the diving club and jump of the bridge. You do some training which consists of practicing the jump off different heights before attempting the bridge. The trainers are honest and have told people that they can’t jump so I guess it is a little “safe” but it is still very dangerous. The water is freezing and the bridge stands at 24m. There professionals jumping of the bridge (after collecting money) which are amazing! A guy at my hostel attempted to jump of the bridge. He nailed the practice jumps and apparently nailed his bridge jump but still managed to dislocate his shoulder. Thankfully he was going home the next day.


The Old Bridge

I was still in holiday mode and wasn’t all that keen to be back on the road. Thankfully I had booked into the best hostel in europe, Hostel Majdas. It was a home away from home and the perfect place to chill and just hang out. The lady that runs the place, Majda, is soooooo¬†nice and is constantly feeding you that you feel like you are staying at your Mum’s house. I had been told by everyone that you really only need 1 day in mostar but I ended up staying for 4 and would have stayed longer if I hadn’t run out of time!

A must do when you are in Mostar¬†is one of the tours offered by your hostel. I think they are all pretty similar but the one I did was amazing! It is run by Majda’s¬†brother Barta. He is the craziest person you will meet with so much energy!! You aren’t really given an itinerary when you sign up for the tour so I¬†didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I¬†got into the van I¬†knew it was going to be a hectic day. I was sitting in the boot of the van on a chair that would rock all over the place. Sadly the group of people on our tour were complete bores! They were a group of Dutch people¬†doing¬†some rail tour thing through the Balkans and it seemed like the first time any of them had ever left home. Barta¬†tried his best to get them involved in his crazy antics but they were having none of it! It was still an awesome tour though which took us through the country side and to some AMAZING waterfalls. It was here that I saw the most Eastern European thing.


The waterfalls

We were sitting by the edge of the lake after just having lunch trying to warm up in the sun when we saw a snake swimming. Everyone was watching the snake when suddenly this huge Bosnian (I’m¬†assuming) man leapt¬†into the water and caught the snake! He then dragged the snake out and gave it to his kids to hold and take pictures with! It was actually quite impressive! A little crazy but very cool. I don’t know if the snake was poisonous or not….


Casually swimming while holding a snake

After the waterfalls we were taken to a small village where a lovely old lady made us coffee and we learnt the proper way of drinking coffee. You dunk a sugar cube into the coffee then nibble a little bit off and then slurp your coffee. The louder the slurp the more you like it apparently. I wasn’t a great slurper… It was here that Barta¬†told us his experience in the war and how he managed to escape. Soldiers were going around the apartment building he was hiding in and rounding up all the muslim men. Miraculously the soldier that found him knew him from school and for some reason decided to save him and told everyone he wasn’t a muslim. He still to this day doesn’t know why he did it but if it wasn’t for him he would have been dead. He later escaped in an ambulance and fled to Canada where he was a refugee for 20 years before finally returning to Bosina.



Bosnian Coffee

#Aqualog #TeamGG #Minorstroke #Motterboat


I remember first hearing about Sailcroatia¬†the first time I came to Europe. At the time I was too poor to do the trip so had to skip it. I had only ever heard of the company Sail Croatia and knew that it was a party boat full of 18 -21 year olds and knew that I wasn’t going to fit in. I can party at the best of times but a week with drunk kids isn’t my thing. After a bit of research (thankyou wikitravel) I found a company called Medsailors. They had sailboats with 8 people on each and looked like it was a bit of partying with a bit of sight-seeing.

I was pretty nervous before going on the trip. The last time I did a sailing trip I was the only single person on a boat full of couples and was this awkward¬†9th wheel. I was praying this wouldn’t be the case again… My prayers went unanswered.¬† My boat consisted of 3 couples (Elle + Ray, Janice + Richard & Nadia + Mike) and one other single chick (my roomie) Jess. It was going to be a long week….

After brief introductions we set sail/turned on the motor for our first destination, Sipan. It was a tiny fishing village that didn’t have a lot to do but was really cute. We had a quick swim and then set off for the Medsailors punch party! The “party” was a bit of a flop. The goon, sorry punch, wasn’t great. Even Jim giving it and extra shake up (dropping it off his shoulder) while wearing crocs didn’t help. No one really knew what to do. It was like an awkward¬†year 9 school disco. Thankfully there was on guy, Nathan that broke the ice and managed¬†to get a few people talking and mingling. By the end of the night we had all settled in had a few beers and had started making friends.


The next morning we were off to Miljet national park. We had a few swimming stops on the way and plenty of time to work on our tans. Jess was very keen to get a tan and lathered herself up in oil and got burnt to a crisp. She had a lovely red glow for the rest of the trip. After a couple of hours of swimming, eating, trying to stand up on the paddle board and trying to be graceful on the lilos¬†we had arrived at the park. We weren’t at the actual park but we were in the bay where you could then rent bikes and ride up a hill and into the park. Ellie, Ray, Jess and I opted out, deciding to be lazy and just swim some more and start drinking. I don’t think we missed out on much. Nadia, Janice, Mike and Richard tried to make it sound cool but everyone else said it wasn’t really worth the massive bike ride.



We were mored right outside the resteraunt which was pretty convenient although none of us were having a huge night. None of us except or captain, Garet (later known as GG). He was blind drunk. I don’t even know when he got so drunk but he was having a great old time. We started calling Garet GG soon after this night as he became so grumpy and moody we never knew how to take him. Some people on the boat thought it was because I turned him down when he snuggled up to me that night but if anyones to blame it Ellie. She jumped all over him with her teachers voice, “Whats going on here?!?!” It was actually really funny as well as akward and I took this as my que to head to bed. We never quite worked out why GG was so gumpy or what would piss him off but it became a massive joke between us all and brought us closer together.


Being Irish GG bounced back quickly the next morning and we were off to our first party island, Kortual. We started off the party by going to a wine tasting at a kinda fancy restaurant. The wine wasn’t that great but it was a great chance to get to know the other boats. There were 2 boats that were pretty much all made up of a group of 12 people from brisbane. How you can travel around in a group of 12 for 6 weeks is beyond me but good for them. We really didn’t have that much to do with them as they kinda kept to them selves. The next boat was the fancy boat and had a group of english guys plus 1 girlfriend and 2 other girls that I never saw. We didn’t really know these guys either until a night out in Havar. The last boat was the one we prob had the most to do with and this was mad up of 3 english girls, 4 kiwis (in couples) and an ausie guy named Pete. Pete was kinda part of the huge group from brisbane but he didn’t hang out with them all that much.


After the wine tasting and a quick wander around old town we were back on the boat having a few drinks before our big night out. I got a little carried away with the predrinking and don’t remember much after. I know I made it to the bar but I don’t think I lasted long and Janice and Elle walked me home and put me to bed. I think everyone else had a good night but it wasn’t too eventful.

After another day of swimming, tanning and eating, we had finally arrived at Pizza island (not its official name). We had been hearing about these pizzas since the first day of the trip. After GG ditched us for “ice cream” it was time to tackle the jumbo pizzas. These things were huge!! No one had accepted the challengs of eating a whole one on there own. Jess and I (the cute couple that we were) managed to get just over halfway through ours. We had so much pizza left over we had it for lunch and a snack the following day.


It was our second last night on the tour and it was going to be a big one. We were at the party island of Havar. I was determined not to have a repeat of Kortual so tried to pace myself a bit better. After a few drinks on the boat we jumped on some water taxis into town. We were off to Hula Hula bar to watchthe sunset. It was a really cool bar right on the “beach” with an awesome view of the sunset. You could go swimming there but none of us brought our bathers except Pete who supposedly stacked it on a paddle board and was mortified, but none of us saw it.


After the sunset, lots of drinks and dancing on tables we were all pretty drunk. It was time to go and find some food and more drinks. We wandered around the city centre for a while eating and drinking before heading to some club whos name I can’t remember. The place was heaving. Everyone was there dancing up a storm. Richard was having the time of his life dancing on the stage. Jess had set her sights on one of the captains, Max, and made a bee line for him. I should have been upset that my girlfriend had ditched me but we had an open relationship and i was distracted by one of the boys from the english boat. Everyone was having a great night and Nadia even whipped out the slug! The slug: a lazy worm where the dancer drags themsleves along the floor. It was amazing!!


Sadly the last taxi home was at 2am so we had to leave. We were the last boat standing therefore we dubed ourselves the official party boat. Jess had lost Max. We did a quick search for him but couldn’t find him and we had to go. We found out the next day he had fallen into the ocean, stepped on a sea urchin and had to bribe a taxi to take him home at 3am. She wasn’t upset for too long though as another captain, …., stepped in to keep her company. To top the night off Mike and Sam broke onto a super yacht and jumpped off the front. To say Sam’s wife Amy wasn’t too pleased would be a massive understatement!

Race day! We had been training hard all week learning how to sail….Not. Thankfully it didn’t matter as there was no wind so it was a paddle board race instead. A few of us were a little hungover so it was a 6 person race. 3 people on the paddle board at one time had to go from the beach around a boat and back and then swap to the next 3. Our team consisted of Elle, Ray, Jess, Janice, Mike and Richard.¬† I thought we had a pretty good chance until one of the other teams knocked Jess off the board. There was a but of confusion as to what to do and we lost ground. We had a pretty good come back and finished second. A little dissapointing but was still fun to watch. Elle wanted to piss in the cup but we quickly vetoed that idea.



It was our final night together and we were heading out in Split. GG had his flares on so we knew it was going to be a big one. We went to a club called Ghetto Bar which was pretty cool. The music wasn’t great but the outside bar area was awesome. The drinks were so strong. Mine was basically straight booze with a dash of sprite. It wasn’t a massive night in the end as we were all rather tired from the night before but was a nice way to end the trip.

What could have been a really crap time with couples turned out to be and awesome 7 days. By the end we were a little family who I had a blast with! If you want to do a sail trip that isn’t full of 18 year olds and isn’t all about partying then I would highly recommend Medsailors. Hopefully I’ll keep in touch with everyone I met and who knows when we’ll meet again.

Kings Landing


As soon as I had found out kings landing from Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnick I wanted to go. It was also the starting point for my sailing trip which was a bonus. After an epic fail trying to get to my hostel using public transport resulting in a very expensive taxi ride, I was finally in Dubrovnik. I had organised to meet up with Rosie in old town before she headed off as I had left my bathers in Greece. Old town in the middle of the day isn’t that fun. It is packed with cruise ship with their stickers on their chests following around guides holding up umbrellas. It is also stinking hot. To beat the crowds you need to get there before 10 or after 6. I had lunch with Rose and her friends and had a quick walk around old town before retreating back to my hostel.

There was a really unlucky girl staying at my hostel. She had just had her wallet stolen and was having a shit time with her bank. I knew exactly how she felt as I had all my stuff stolen earlier in the year in Costa Rica. My advice to anyone that has their shit stolen: When dealing with banks be demanding. They may say they can’t send you card overseas. If they do hang up and call back to get someone who knows what they are doing. I spent hours on the phone with some idiot that told me all the wrong info and made me¬† call all sorts of people. I finally got someone that knew what they were doing and had it all sorted in 15 mins.

It was finally time!! Kings landing here we come. Some guys from my hostel and I were off to do the game of thrones tour. Our tour guide had actually worked on the show as a costume assistant dressing everyone up. She knew all the ins and out of the show and had met all of the stars that filmed in Dubrovnick. The actual sites we saw weren’t all that impressive. So much is added and taken away to create the set that without it all its hard to imagine. It was still a pretty interesting tour to hear all about how they film the show and create all the scenes.




That afternoon I went on a quick panoramic tour of the city where we had a birdseye view over the city. They were awesome views but there wasn’t much else to the tour. Was still a cool way to end my time in Dubrovnick.