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The ultimate Nicaraguan stitch up!


We only had a few days left before Jules and I had to head home (Rach was never going home and had already been traveling for a year and a half) and Jules was desperate to get a tan so we decided to head back to the beach. I was pretty happy to go as I only went to the beach once in San Juan and it wasn’t that great. We had heard of a pretty chilled out place called Popoyo beach so decided to head there. It was a mission! We jumpped on a chicken bus from Grenada to Rivas there we had to swap onto another bus to las Salinas. Unfortunatley there wasn’t a chicken bus for hours so we splashed out for a Taxi as we didn’t want to wait or do the walk. Now you would think that Popoyo Beach Club (the hostel we were planning on staying at) would be on Popoyo beach. It’s not. our taxi got to the intersection and told us we would have to pay more then the agreed price to get to the actual beach that our hostel was on. All up our taxi cost $30 which is alot by Nicaraguan standards. At least we managed to get there. Also a little tip: there are no ATMs near the beach so get all your money out before heading there.

Our first inpressions of the place weren’t great and we were really doubting our decision to trek out here. There was no real reception and when we walked in we didn’t really know where to go or who to ask for a room and it just had a bit of a weird vibe. We finaly foundthe owner and got shown to some beds. It  was  $10 a night and they weren’t bunk beds! We  were staying. Mainly for the fact that it was such a pain to get there. We  then went out the back of the hostel and realised we were on paradise. The  hostel was directly on a beautiful beach that was practically deserted. The whole place was full of hot surfers so Jules and I were happy. Our days were spent lying on the beach, swimming and watching guys surf. It was a great way to spend the last few days in Central.

On our second day there Rach came and found us. The crew were back together (well half of it). We decided to have a night out and headed to Magic Rock as they had a taxi picking people up and seemed like the only place that had something on. It was a pretty fun night until we decided we wanted to get home. There were no taxis to be seen. we asked the bouncers to call us a taxi or where we could  find one and he told us to wait 20mins and he would call one. We  sat there waiting and he never called one. I finaly got fed up of waiting as it was clear he wasn’t going  to help us. We just wanted to walk home along the beach but every kept saying “No puede, es muy peligroso!” (You can’t, It es very dangerous), but no one would tell us why it was dangerous or any other way to get home. After what felt like an hour of waiting and arguing we decided to take our chances and walk home along the beach. I hid most of my money in my bra so if we did get robbed they wouldn’t get very much. It was the most stressful walk home and probably the most scared I have ever been traveling. Thankfully nothing happened and we were totally fine but I think I probably smashed the speed walking along the beach record that night. I was well and truley over Nicaragua and its shitty lies. No one ever tells you the truth and it gets really frustrating. Nicaragua is by far the worst country in Central for this and is the one thing that really brings it down in my books.

After chilling on the beach for a few days working on our tans it was time to leace central. We had one more day of shitty chicken buses to Costa Rica  (its way cheaper to fly out of then Nicaragua) and then hop on a plane to head home. Central America was AMAZING!!! I had an awesome 5 months exploring and will def come back one day 🙂 Hasta luego!