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The Brew Crew


As Rach and I had done such a terrible job of exploring while we were there and the others hadn’t been we all (minus ben and jake) decided t head back to Grenada. There is an active volcano there and you can do a tour to see inside it which we were all really keen to do! Rachel being the greatest organiser there is sorted us out a private tour (for $18 each) to take us up to the volcano and back into town. Our tour guide and driver were amazing. Some of the other girls had done the tour before and said that it was ok but a lot of waiting around and pretty boring. We had the total opposite experience.

We got our driver to stop at a shop on the way up where we bought a bunch of beers and snacks. The actual drive isn’t that far but there are loads of people going there and they limit the number of people at the top at 1 time so there is a bit of a line. It didn’t really bother us as we had beer and good music! We ended up having a bit of a party in the taxi/van and were almost dissapointed when we got to the top and had to get out.

Drinks in the taxi on the way to the Volcano

The volcano, called Masaya, was incredible! We managed to push our way to the front and had an amazing view the whole time we were there. It was so mezmerising looking into the volcano and seeing lava/magma bubble away. We could have stayed there all night if we had been allowed and had more beer! Thankfully our taxi driver stopped on the way back so we could grab some more. It was def a highlight of the trip and I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Nicaragua!

Looking into an active volcano!!