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Karaoke on a Tuesday….


It was onto another chicken bus and off to another city! Our group of 10 had widdled down to a megar 2. Dos Raquels were on tour! We were in the city of Grenada. It was nicer then Leon, in my opinion, but still not the nicest of cities. We were pooped and feeling grose after our shitty bus trip. We had been cramed on this tiny minibus that at first we thought was luxury for just $1. Ac and all. We soo realised why it was so cheap when they proceedes to cram as many people ad they possibly could. I had this fat ass womans boobs squashed against my face for the whole hour trip while Rach had her ass.

After checking into our hostel we decided we deserved a drink so headed into town to grab a beer and some food. The night somehow quickly escalted to a massive night out (I blame Rachel and her obsession with karaoke)! After a delicious dinner we set off to find a karaoke bar. Suprisingly there was one on a Tuesday night. We were the first ones there so settled in with some massive passionfruit cocktails. Finally some other people began to rock up and the karaoke began! They really didn’t have much of a selection of english songs but we made to. After listening to the locals belt out terible spanish balads from the 80s (judging by the film clips) rach was up singing bohemian rapsodey. I don’t think the crowd was too impressed but she was having a great time.

We ended up making friends with some locals there. One of them was either a very flamboyant gay guy or a guy going through the transition. Either way he was super nice and an amazing singer. It was finally my turn to sing, like a prayer by Madonna. I was so drunk at this stage though I couldn’t really see the words so kinda just slurred my way through it.

*I didn’t take any photos at the karaoke 😦

The next day I was sooooo hungover but we were going to a party in a tree house so I needed to recover quickly. Richard and James from utila were coming to meet us to come to the party too. I was still nursing my god awful hangover when we had to go and get the shuttle out to the treehouse. We were staying the night there so decided to go early. The treehouse was super cool. It even had a resident howler monkey. Rach and the boys started drinking straight away but I still wasnt up for it. After another spew, some food and a quick nap I was back in the game.

We were all given costumes that they had bought at an op shop in town. I think we kinda lucked out as our costumes were pretty shit. James was in a long nighty, Richard had green stripy pants and a white ruffled top (he prob looked the best), Rach had another nighty thing and I had a top that looked like a nurses outfit. The night was pretty fun but not the greatest party I have ever been too. By 12 Rach was smashed and I had to put her to bed which was a challenge as the stairs to the dorm room were deadly! I also got bed bugs here which put a massive damper on the night!!

Richard being sexy in his outfit

Sexy top!!


Sunjam + Diving = 1 awesome week!! 


I had my first bed bug experience and it was horrendous! We were staying at bigfoot hostel in Antigua as el hostel was fully booked. I was woken up in the middle of the night to a bug crawling on my shoulder. I wasn’t sure if it was a bed bug or not as I didn’t seem to have any bites. I found a few more and killed them and tried to convince myslef they weren’t bed bugs to go back asleep. In the morning I asked Whitney if she was getting bitten too and she was covered in bites! Mine took 24hrs to come up but I was totally covered. They were so itchy and I just felt grose. We quickly changed hostels for our last night in antigua and tried to recover! I am now paranoid about bed bugs!!

World’s biggest bed bugs!

It was time to say goodbye to Whitney as I was off to Utila for a music festival and diving and she was off to Rio for the Olympics. I had heard about this music festival from an Irish chick named Sally that was staying in our Dorm in Antigua. Apparently it was a 24 hr rave on a small island. I imagined it to be something like the full moon party in thailand. I had a feeling Mark and Daniel (the guys I had met in Mexico City) would be going as it seemed right up their ally.
Thankfully everyone I knew had the same ideas and were all going to the same dive shop, Altons. I booked 10 fun dives which included 5 nights accomidation for  $US325. As soon as I arrived I ran into Mark and Daniel who were traveling with 6 girls  (Rachel, Jules, Sarah, Erin, Katy amd Neev (spelt differently as she’s Irish) and Sally and all her friends (Nicola x 2, Ruth and Marren (also all irish)). They were all awesome and loved to party!

It took 2 days before I was able to start diving as tropical storm Earl decided to pay a visit. I think it turned into a cyclone by the time it hit Belize but we just got the tail end of it so it wasn’t too bad. Just a lot of wind and rain which made for a really boring day! Thankfully it passed pretty quickly and we were able to start diving the next day.

The diving in Utila was good. Not great and not the best place I have ever been but good. The reef seemed pretty healthy and there were lots of fish but we never saw anything amazing on any of the dives. We did a ship wrek dive that was pretty cool but again not the greatest one I have been on.

Some squid chilling in the ocean

Best picture I got of the reef

The time had finally come! Sunjam!!! The festival started at 12pm but everyone assured us that no one would be there that early. We decided to go on the boat from the dive centre that left around 9pm. The boat ride took forever! After what felt like an hour we were finaly at the island. It wasn’t anywhere near as big as the full moon party. Someone said that they sold 1300 tickets so I guess that’s roughly how many people were there but it didn’t seem packed by any means. It was a proper rave. I thought it might be house music to start with but it was full techo/trance music the entire time. To start with it was fine but by the end of the night it felt like we had been listening to the same song all night. We partied till the sun came up. The festival kept going till 12pm but we left around 6:30 as I couldn’t stay up any longer. Mark and Daniel’s crew went to the after party the next day on the beach but I couldn’t rally enough to go. Plus I had to dive the next morning…
*Cameras aren’t allowed at sunjam so I don’t have any pictures of the night (while saying this I saw loads of people with cameras… wouldn’t have been hard to sneak one in.)