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Quick Pitstop


It was time to leave my shitty sweat box of a tent and head to Barcelona!! I was pretty excited to be going back to this city as last time I was here I was on contiki and had a bad headache so really didn’t get up to much. After a pretty long and slightly stressful bus trip (it was a major pain in the butt getting on the first bus we had to change buses at least 5 times) I finally arrived in Barcelona. I really didn’t get up to much on the first night as I was pretty tired and figured I had 2 more days to see the sights. That was until I called my friend Rachael to tell her when I was arriving in Ireland to catch up with her. She said I thought you were coming on friday and I have friends coming down to party. This ment I only had 1 day to quickly explore the city!

I woke up early the next morning to start my tourist on speed day! I had a msg from Kirsten saying that they had stuffed up their flights and she now had a stop over in Barcelona!! I planned to meet her at the start of a walking tour I was planning on doing. She wasn’t there by the time the tour started so I decided to go on the tour and hopefully hear from her at some point. The walking tour was pretty good but honestly I didn’t pay much attention as I was trying to find wi-fi the whole time to see if Kirst had msged. She finally did and I eventually managed to find her. We went and had some awesome pallella and sangria and then just had a wonder down la rumbla.

It was then time for Kirst to head back to the airport and i had tickets to go into the Basílica de la Sagrada Familia. Little tip: buy your tickets online to save yourself waiting in line. You can do this for all sites in Barcelona. The church is beautiful!! From the outside im not really a fan and as it is still under construction there is a lot of scaffolding about so maybe this detracts from it a bit but the inside is absolutely amazing!! It is so colourful and huge! Not so relaxing as you can hear all the construction going on but you can kinda see why it has taken so long to build! Apparently it will be finished in 20 years so I’ll have to come back then and see it once it’s completed. Little Note: While it is a church the normal rules of covering up your shoulders and knees doesn’t seem to apply here or at least isn’t in forced. 

Look who I found!!

Look who I found!!

Our awesome Pallella

Our awesome Pallella

(I personally don't like the outside)

(I personally don’t like the outside)