Sunday funday!!! 


Ah the infamous sunday funday in San juan del sur. I had first heard about it when I was in the boat from Colombia to Panama a few years ago and had felt like I had heard about it everyday since meeting the group in Utila. The girls (Juliette and Rach) had worked at a hostel in San Juan called Casa de Olas and couldn’t stop raving about it so thats where we were headed. Rach had managed to get her job back for the weekend and they all said you needed to get there by Thursday to get a room (future reference you don’t but it is fun to get there early just to make a group of friends to party with). The hostel was super nice and even had a really nice pool with an amazing pool. My only complaint about the place, and its a big one, is if you aren’t in the mood for partying it is IMPOSSIBLE to sleep. The music was being blasted till 3am and then started again around 8am. It massively sucked.

Awesome sunset at the hostel

I really wasn’t in the mood to party our first night there as we had had 2 big nights before and I was so tired and still recovering from my bed bugs. I decided to just watch a movie and go to bed early. I was obviously unsuccessful as I have mentioned above the music was blasting till 3am. The next night I decided of you can’t beat them join them! It ended up being one of the craziest nights in casa de olas history.

I woke up the next morning with very vague memories of the night before. Thankfully there were enough people around to fill me. I had apparently made friends with half the hostel the day before but I had no idea what any of their names were. There was this one guy Adam whos birthday it was (and he let you know) that was white girl wasted from the day he got there till the day he left. So many grose things happened to him and he alomst drowned in the pool. I’m pretty sure him and his ass were going to take a while to recover from the place. There were also these awesome chicks from England that we ended up being good friends with but who also got up to a lot in the short time we were there. Lets just say there were a few golden showers going around and this wasn’t the first times. All I can remember from the night is at one point we were all in the pool and I was looking around and everyone was making out. It was just this giant soup of people all over eachother. The pool was disgusting for the rest of the time I was there.

A massive beer funnel on friday night!

Sat was pretty calm as we were all recovering from the night before and didn’t want to be wrecked for Sunday. The best part about sat though was that Niamh and Jules rocked up! I was feeling like a bit of a loner as rach had ditched me the day we walked into the hostel and the boys were busy wifing up (mainly james). I was so happy they were there and that I was going to have someone to party with on sunday.
Devestated!! Somehow Niamh being the space cadet she is fucked up her flights and was leaving at 2am on Monday, so really Sun night!! Her flight was from Managua so she really couldnt risk cominf to Sunday funday and then making it to her flight ontime. She had legged it all the way to San Juan for Sunday Funday and she was going to miss it 😦 I tried to rally and party with her that sat night but I just couldn’t. I was still wrecked from last night.

It was finally time!! Sunday Funday had arrived!! We tried to pace ourselves in the morning as we knew it was going to be a long day. After buying our tickets at naked tiger we headed back to the hostel to smash in a few more drinks before jumping into the shuttle to the first stop. It was absolutely packed so we decided to skip that one and walk over to the next stop (no idea what it was called).

Rach, Jules and I at the first stop!

After a very thorough pat down we were in! It wasn’t too crowded yet as everyone hadn’t left the previous place yet so we quickly went and got some drink vouchers and did a quick toilet run. The place quickly filled up and almost everyone was in the pool, besides us as it looked pretty grimy. As a rule we decided no pools as who knows what was going on in there…. After a few hours (I actually have no concept of time for this day) we were off to the Next stop at Naked Tiger. We quickly swung by our hostel to restock and then headed on over to naked tiger. My memory here isn’t great. I’m sure there was dancing and drinking but I couldn’t tell you specifics. The final stop was at a club on the beach. Very few people made it here except for the A team (Me, Jules, Marnie, Millie, Fiona and the boys). I think the club was probably my favorite spot. We danced on the beach for most of the night and the music was awesome!

Final stop dancing on the beach

The next day was insanely chilled out as everyone was dying. I hardly recognized the place without the music blasting and drunk people everywhere. It was the first time I had seen some people sober (Adam, Kurt). The hostel put on an awesome roast that evening and we spent the rest of the night chilling and watching movies. A great end to a crazy few days!


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