Hasta luego Mexico!


After 3 weeks at the beach I was well and truely over sunbathing and swimming so I decided to ditch Belize and head straight to Guatemala. It was a long trip, around 12 hours with 2 boarder crossings. I was heading to the small island called flores. We were staying in an awesome hostel called Los Amigos. I made friends with a girl on the bus who was also from Perth called Whitney. She was travelling for an indefinite period through Central and South America. (Whitney’s favourite words: English: literally, Spanish: Perfecto! These words are said at least 15 times a day min).

We really didn’t get up to much on the first day. Just had a wander around town and a but of an admin day (laundry and planning). The hostel had awesome food so we ended up eating there most days.

It’s my birthday!! Birthdays abroad are either a big thing or not when you are travelling. As I hadn’t been traveling with anyone for a long time it was just a normal day. We decided to go and check out the ruins in Tikal. Acording to everyone these were a must see! We weren’t off to a great start. They loaded us into a tiny van with no aircon and then after 5 mins of driving stopped on the side of the road for 15 mins leaving us to pool in our own sweat. We made another 2 pointless stops in what was supposed to be a 1.5 hr bus trip.

Whitney and me in Tikal

To say I wasnt in the best of moods at the start of the tour would be a massive understatement. After what felt like a lifetime of fucking about we finaly got to start our tour. We had opted for the sunset tour as we really weren’t keen to wake up for the sunrise. I probably should have done the math but (our tour started at 12 and it was a sunset tour…) but I didn’t so I didn’t realise it was going to be a 5 hour tour!! Our guide ment well and was really passionate about archiology but as a guide he sucked. Every other word was “you see” which got extremely annoying plus he didn’t tell us any of the exciting stuff. Instead of going into all the stories about who lived there and sacrafices and indoor plumbing he went on and on about how the pyramids were excavated and rebuilt and how to interperate some tomb stone. It was completely lost on all of us. We were hot and tired and so hungry by the end of it. The ruins were amazing and there were hardly any people there but my memory of the place is a bit jaded…

Watching the sunset on the Lake in flores (better then the on at Tikal)


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