Just one more day…


I was finally away from the highly touristic coast of the Yucatan. I was in a small lakeside town called Bacalar. It was beautiful! My hostel was right on the lake and had its own little jetty that you could swim off or just lie in a hammock. Our dorm room was right on the lake so was nice a cool as there was always a steady breeze.

The jetty at our hostel

It was a place you never wanted to leave and really didn’t do much. There were afew girls in my room that had been there for a week and had no intentions of leaving and a bunch of people came back after just a few days of being away.
I really didn’t get up to much here. The most adventurous thing we did was hire a kayak and paddled to the other side of the lake. I was with a girl from melb named Sarah. It was way harder then we thought. My shoulders were burning and no matter how hard we tried we struggled to stay in a straight line on the way back. We did manage to find a place that seemed very popular with the locals where you could rub “mineral rich” mud on you. It stank!! Interestingly Sarah doesn’t have a sence of smell so it really didn’t bother her. I don’t know if it did anything for our skin but at least it was fun!

Kayaking on the lake

Woooo stinky mud!

I really could have satyed here for weeks but managed to pull myself away after 3 nights as I felt I had been chilling for a bit too long and need to get my butt back on the road!


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