Back to Mehico! 


After making a small fortune in flighr vouchers ($US1400), thankyou Delta! I was back in beautiful mexico!! I was meeting Nick in Playa del Carmen so after a quick stop in Cancun I was off on a shuttle to Playa.

Nick insisted on staying in a private room, being the princess he is, so we managed to find one in a hostel. Best of both worlds. I really had no interest in going to Playa as it is just a massive tourist trap (think Kuta Bali) but that’s where Nick wanted to go and I thought it would be fun to hang out with him for a few days.

We started off with a tour to Tulum. This is where I wanted to stay as it has amazing beaches and is a pretty chilled out place full of backpackers. Alas it wasn’t to be (I could have gone after Nick left but by then I was all beached out…). We started off at the ruins. These are peobably the least impressive ruins but in the best location; and you know what they say… location, location, location! These Myans must have been loaded! It was insanely hot and overcrowded so that also detracted from the apeal maling these my least favorite ruins.

Tikal ruins

It was then off for a quick pit stop at the beach to cool off and highlight how crap the Playa beach was, then off to the grand Cynote. The Yucatan is basically all limestone and therefore riddeled with sink holes that they call Cynotes. They are full of fresh water and are like giant caves and tunnels you can swim through. They were pretty cool. There is an option to go diving there but we didn’t do that… I might do it if I end up going back there.

The Grand Cynote

Finally it was time to go swimming with the whale sharks!! I had been waiting for weeks to go as I knew Nick would want to do it (such a nice friend). After a lot of fucking about picking people up, we were off on the boat to go and find them! I have no idea how they manage to find them every day. It felt like we were in the middle of no where. Then suddenly on the horizon we saw hundreds of boats! They must have found them!! For the amount of boats there you would think that the water would be packed with tourists trying to get close to them but there were so many whale sharks that it was only ever you and your partner swimming with the shark at one time. They swam quite fast but you could keep up with them for your allocated time. It was pretty amazing and definitely worth the money ($US120)!

Whale sharks!!

Our last day together was spent on the worst snorkling tours I have been on. We were thinking about going diving in Cozumel but decided we didn’t want to spend the money (and if th snorkling is anything to go by we made the right choice). I was a little toured out so wasn’t paying much attention when we were booking it, plus the ferry was about to leave so we kinda made a rush decision. The snorkling was shit!! We went to 3 spts where there was no coral and hardly any fish. Was such a waste of money! Nick and I were so annoyed but really we should have looked into it more…
That night Nick had a date with a guy he met off grinder so I had the night to myself. Oriana and Robert were coming down from Cancun and we were going to have a crazy night out. They were supposed to be in playa at around 9:30 so I was ready to go and waiting. I should have known better. I got a txt at 9 and they hadn’t even left Cancun!! They eventually arrived at 11:30! I was almost asleep. We finaly made it out around midnight. It ended up being an awesome night out!! We were up patying till 5:30. Eventually I managed to drag the girls home and Robert had to get on a bus back to Cancun as he was going on a tour to chichanitza (can’t spell) at 7am!


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