Cancun Alpha #greeklife


For the first time ever my iron stomach was defeated! It actually started in San Cristobal the night before I flew out. I wasn’t feeling that well at dinner and on the walk home it really hit me. Thankfully I just managed to make it back to the hostel where everything came out (both ends). The rest of the night I spent throwing up. It truely sucked. I was still sick the next morning but managed to make it onto my flight to cancun.

I wasn’t planning on spending much time in Cancun. Just 2 nights and was going to head off to Isla Mujeres or Isla Holbox. Alas things didn’t go as I had planned (seems to be a running theme for this trip). There is only one hostel on Isla Mujeres and Holbox and they were both fully booked for the entire week. I could have tried going there and trying my luck but was feeling pretty lazy and didn’t want to risk it.

We didn’t want to wait in line to get a pic

I really didn’t get up to much in Cancun. Nick was going to meet me in Playa del Carmen when I got back from the BVIs so I had to wait for him to do a lot of things (like the whale sharks). We mainly spent our days going to the beach and day drinking. There were 2 people at my hostel from Kentucky that I had met in San Cristobal called Chloe and Jerome that I spent most of my time with. We would go down to the beach and buy 1L cocktails for 120 pesos and listen to music. One day we managed to get a pretty big group together from the hostel and created our fraternity group Alpha Cancun. It was actually a really fun day where we drank way too much!

Cancun Alpha!

The only touristy thing I managed to do while in Cancun was go to Coco Bongo. Cancun is full of super clubs and each night they have something on. Coco Bongo runs everynight and is THE place to go apparently. Its not really a club more like a show where you dance between each act and get free drinks. It ended up being an awesome night. Thankfully Robert (a guy from Venezuela) was our “guide” instead of the normal party guy Chris. Chris was ok but was just one of those people who thought they knew everything and were really cool coz they could drink loads so all his stories revolved around him being so drunk. I guess that’s what happens when you are the party person for 2 years at a hostel.

Vegas Strip of Cancun

It was an awesome night out! The performances were amazing! It started off with people hanging from the roof on silks. They then had everyone from Queen to Madonna to Beyonce. One of my favorite acts was between spiderman and this green thing (obviously not a spiderman fan) having a huge battle with them swinging through the air. Suprisingly our little group managed to stick together and left the club around 5:30.

Coco Bongo Crew!


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