Surfs Up!!


While I liked Mark, Chris and Daniel, it was time to leave to boys locker room and make some new friends. Thankfully Liam (a cool guy I met in Mexico City) was staying at a different hostel so I had a perfect reason to leave. The hostel was called Casa Losodeli. It was really nice and even had a pool but man it was hot! At first I thought it was just Liam being a pussy with the heat, being from England, but it was like 35 degrees with 90% humidity and no air con!! I would wake up drenched in sweat. Not the most comfortable….

The crew!

Thankfully the beach wasn’t to far away. We pretty much spent every day there. Puerto Escondito is known for its surfing. We were apparently at the beginners beach but the waves were still pretty big! Rose (a vegan chick from Canada that had to eat lettuce sandwiches but was still awesome) and I decided we wanted to do surfing lessons. It took us two days to sike ourselves up enough to finally do them. My board was massive (it was a stand up paddle board)!! First go I nailed it!! Straight up! I was pretty impressed with myself. Sadly it didn’t last long… I couldn’t get back up again for another 40 mins. After a lot of face plants and swallowed water I finaly managed to get back up! After that I called it a day as I was exhausted!!

Nailing surfing!! (The board I used was actually twice as big as this one….)

Seeing as Rose and I were now pro surfers we went again the following day. We dragged along Pete (a guy from England studying spanish at the hostel) who didn’t do too great and lost both his contacts and couldn’t see once he got out so we had to lead him back to the hostel. Rose and I did a lot better this time and stood up almosy every time. I swapped legs and found goofy foot easier (for future reference).

Not actually me… But basically what I looked like

Other then lying at the beach, surfing, dying from the heat and a few failed attempts to go out (there were no people!!) We didn’t really get up to much. The only other really cool thing we got to do was release baby turtles!! A local guy has started collecting turtle eggs once they are laid and then moves them to a safe part of the beach that is constantly guarded so locals and other animals don’t eat them. Then when they hatch we release them back into the sea making sure the birds dont attack them. You usually only get to let one go but not many people showed up the day we went so in total we releasd 5 each. They were so cute and tiny!! Watching them shuffle into the huge waves was so impressive. Rose and Liam cried when they released theirs. I didn’t cry but it was a pretty cool thing to be appart of.


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