So much market food!

So much market food!

Daniel, Chris and I were off to an early start as we wanted to get to Oaxaca (said Wahaca) early enough to go out and party for Daniel’s birthday. It was a pretty long bus ride, about 7 hours. We were heading to a hostel that Mark and Tom were staying in. It wasn’t anything flas and was full of stoners but wasn’t too bad. After stuffing our faces with Tacos we were off for a night out on the town for Daniel’s birthday.

We all ended up getting insanley drunk (Daniel and mark more then the rest). We went to a bar that had 10 peso beers and 10 peso tequila shots. It was a pretty fun night out.

The next day we really didn’t get up to much. We walked around the markets for ages trying to find some food place Daniel had seen on a cooking show once. Just as we were about to give up we found it! It was worth the wait. We got a massive basket that they filled with bbq meat and tortillas and then let us choose a bunch of sausase and salads. It was delicious! We spent the rest of the day bumming around and eating home made guacamole on the roof of the hostel.

Eating guacamole on the roof

After a day of not doing much we set off to see one of the main tourist attractions in Oaxaca, Hierve el Agua (boiling water). The water isn’t hot as the name implies but it bubbles out of the ground which is how it got its name. They have made some pools here that you can swim in but the main draw card is the petrified waterfall. Over 100/1000 years (I’m not sure you’ll have to google it) water has trickled over the edge of a cliff and as ot has so much calcium in it it has built up into these calcium rock things that look like a watetfall.

Petrified waterfall (kinda hard to see in this pic….)

It was our last night in Oaxaca and the boys wanted to go out with a bang! I invited a chick from my room to join us and was pretty excited to have another girl around. I had felt like I had been in a boys locker room for the past few days. We went to another hostel for some pre drinks where we got to try mescal. I wasn’t really a fan. It tasted like smokey tequila to me and I hate tequila. We then went to a bar and I suddenly realised everyone was pretty drunk except me. This pretty much spelled the end of the night for me. I ended up having to babysit Laura for the rest of the night and got to clean up her spew which was all over the bathroom… It was a great night…


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