Bienvenidos Mexico!


Aftet a quick stop off in Michigan to see Grandma, Artie and some of the Stowels it was time to head to Mexico City! I was pretty excited but also a little nervous as you always are before going to a new place where you know no one. I managed tl find my hostel pretty easily and the spanish was coming flooding back (although I still need way more lessons and practice!). While chilling in the common are and trying to work out what I wanted to do in mexico city i met a group of guys that were all a bit rough after a night out. They were heading to a market to get some souvenirs so i headed out with them as I had nothing else to do. I wanted everything in the market but as it was only my first day and my bag is already full I restrained myslef and didn’t buy anything.

We then ended up in a park across the road where everyone was dancing. We later realised this was a thing to do on Sunday’s. They set up big speakers in the park and everyone just gets up and dances. They even had free group lessons going on that Tom, 2 other girls (whos names I can’t remember), and I joined in. We were terrible!! We also were all wearing thongs so had to go barefoot and it flet like dancing on sandpaper! I really don’t think shoes would have helped but I’m just going to pretend that was the reason we were so shit. That night we all just hung out in the common room of the hostel and drank and sang along to daggy 90s music that everyone loves!


The next day we were off to the pyramids. They have a proper name but I was never able to say it let alone remeber it. They are the Aztec ruins about an hour or so out of mexico city. There was a group of 5 of us from the hostel. There was a couple from Qld (Bianca and Coren), a strange guy from the states (Nathaniel) and Daniel (a guy from South Africa) and me. There were so many steps!! We didn’t have a guide so I never really knew what i was looking at… I ment to google it. There were 2 huge pyramids you could climb. The sun one was the largest and you could make it all the way to the top of that one. I almost died walking up all those stairs. Someone encouragingky said it was because of the altitude but I knew it was due to my terrible lack of fitness. After taking a few photos at the top and recovering we went to the moon one which you could only climb half way up (thank god!) It was this one that the human sacrafices were carried out, at least that’s what Bianca said. I should really check that. After scaling what felt like 1 million stairs we headed back to the hostel for a lazy evening.



For my last day in Mexico city we decided to go on the free walking tour. I normally like to do these when I first get to a place to oreientate myslef and learn about the city but other things had come up. As far as walking tours wentit wasn’t yhe best but it wasn’t bad either. We learnt some ineresting facts such as the city is sinking as it was builton a lake. We saw afew cool buildings and ended at the biggest bakery i have ever seen! The first floor was full of anything you could imagine while the second floor was for cakes, mainly over the top ones for quinceneras.



That night we were going to see the wrestling. Afew of the guys had gone a few night before and said it was really good. We were all pretty excited and jumpped in a few ubers to the arena. After driving in our uber for 30 mins we new we were totally lost and going to the wrong place. Our uber driver kept in insisting there were no other arenas and this was the only one. We eventually told him to justturb around and take us back to the hostel. Was an epic fail! The others managed to make it but Chris, Liam and I missed out. We eneded up just going out to dinner around the corner from the hostel.


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