Time for some History


Originally I was supposed to being going on a sailing trip departing from the US at the end of may so thought i may aswell hang around there until after the trip. That has now been postponed to June but I had already made plans to meet up with sam and her friends so decided to stick to them. I met them all in Washington DC. It was sam (who I had worked with in hedland), her friend Laura who is also a radiographer, and a guy named Jay who sam went to school with. We really didn’t get up to much the first night as we were all pretty tired from our travels.

The next day Laura, Sam and I set off for a walking tour around DC. Jay had already been to DC before and done the tour. It went for 5 hours! It was the longest walking tour I had ever done! It was really good but I felt like we were overloaded with information. It also started to rain 5 mins into the tour and Sam and I didn’t have raincoats. Thankfully someone gave her a disposable one about an hour into the tour but she was already pretty wet. As was I!



The next day we set off with big ambitions of seeing the Pentagon, Arlington cemetery and re visitingsome sights we saw the day before coz we didn’t really take any pictures…. We got an uber to the Pentagon and ended up getting dropped off no where near the entrance so we eneded up basically having to walk around the entire pentagon! It really wasn’t much to see… I’m sure it looks cool from the sky but from the ground it is justa big ugly building. After checking out the 9/11 memorial we headed to Arlington. As cemeteries go this one was really pretty. All the head stones were the same and in nice straight rows. We went and saw JFKs grave and the tomb of the lost soldier. Thankfully it was a nice day for walking around. We were then going to check out the white house again but a storm rolled in and we were all really tired so decided to call it a day and go home for a nap before our Eurovison party!!



Jay and I were really excited about Eurovison and had big plans of watching the final while drinking cocktails. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to find a place to stream it and found out the winner as soon as we logged on. We still had our cocktails and dip before heading out to meet up with one of Jay’s friends named Justin. We went to a few gay bars in town and ended up at this awesome gay nightclub called Town. We were all insanely drunk at this point so decided to go to maccas and head home. It was an awesome night out though!

The next day I was extremely hungover (as usual). I really thought I wasn’t going to be too bad but I was still a mess in the morning and we were off to bottomless brunch. I couldn’t bring myself to drink but the other 3 got right back into it. It was another messy afternoon for them but was another good day out.

The next morning the girls and I were off to Phili. We didn’t really know why we were going there or what there was to do but we were going. After a short bus ride we head to the hostel to check in. It was a pretty nice hostel and ee made ourselves quite comfortable on the couch watching parks an rec after having a phili steak for lunch. Lottle note a Phili cheese steak is actually dteak in a sandwich covered in cheese not an actual steak with cheese as i thought it was going to be. After chilling on the couches for a few hours we finally decided itnwas time to do something and went on a walking tour of the street art aroundthe place  (led by me!). I was an awesome tour guide!  I may have got lost a few times but we managed to find all the paintings by the end of the trip 🙂



The next day we went on another free walking tour of the city. This one thankfully wasn’t anywhere near as long as the one in DC but was still really good. There is loads of history in Phili as it was once the largest city in america (who knew) and where the constitution was written.  It was also the home town of Benjamin Franklin so there was a lot of information about him. After the tour we headed to the market where we stuffed ourselves with food. There were so many options we couls hav eaten there for months and not have tried everything.  It was then off to the national art museum or as it is bwtter known the rocky stairs. They even have a statue of rocky at the bottom of the stairs. I have never actually watched the movie but I hope he runs up and down them several times coz there isn’t that many stairs. I mean I couldn’t run them (especially with a belly full of brownie) but someone pretty fit could do them easily.



It was our last night together but none of us really felt like a big night out. We went out to dinner, where I forgot my id so couldn’t even get a drink, and ate a huge meal! I had an awesome time with sam and her friends and although it was kinda a random detour it was well worth it!


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