I hate karl!


The flight to San fran wasn’t the greatest. I had trouble checking in for my flight as i had two passports and they needed to merge them or something but the phone lines were down so they couldn’t get through. After standing at the check in counter for an hour they finaly got through and i only just made my flight. This ment that i lost my window seat reservation and had to sit in the middle seat of a middle row. Safe to say it was a pretty shit flight with not much sleep.

I arrived at my hostel and felt like shit. Not only was I super jetlagged but I was also starting to get a cold, yay….! I was starving so decided to head out for some food. Being in America I thought it was a safe assumption that there would be a Maccas on every corner do i didn’t ask the hostel for directions. I walked down the road and ended up in the ghetto! Had I turned left i would have been on the main shopping road but i turned right and ended up on the main crack dealing road. I was the only white person there and everyone was staring at me like wtf is she doing here. I was in such a haze of jetlag and being sick that I really didn’t notice until dodgy looking guys started saying hey to me in the creepiest way and I saw police pull up and what looked like a potential riot starting and still no Maccas!! I decided to turn around and eventually found a burger king, ate some food and went home for a nap. It was enough adventure for my first day!

The next day I joined a walking tour around the city. It was advetised as a free walking tour but ended up costing $30. I don’t really know when/where the free one was but the one I ended up doing was still really good. We mainly walked around central san fran and learnt all about the gold rush and the earthquakes and fires and how the city came to be. We then went for luch at a Chinese resteraunt and then went on a tour of china town. We met a guy that once cutt frank Sinatra’s hair and we also saw a little shop where they hand made fortune cookies.



The hostel I was staying at was a little strange as most people there weren’t travelers. They were all studying or looking for work. Thankfully I had some friends in san fran that i had met when I was in london that decided to take the day off work and show me around. We started the tour off by going to Alcatraz. They had a self guided audio tour around the prison which was awesome. It had people that used to work there and past prisoners telling stories of their time there. It also told the story of the 4 guys that managed to escape the prison and who still to this day have never been found (i think they must have drowned coz the water would have been freezing!). In theory you can get an awesome view of the city and of the bridges from alcatraz but in reality stupid Karl hangs around ruins all your photos. Karl is the name locals have given the fog that is always hanging around San Francisco. It sometimes clears up after lunch but the whole time I was there it never really went away. It is also freezing! I thought being California it would be nice sunny beach weather but this is not the case. It felt like the middle of winter!


We then headed to fishermans warf to try out the famous clam chowder! It was delicious but so incredibly filling. I wasn’t able to finish it or eat thebread bowl it came in. Maybe I should have got the petite… The sun had finally come out and it had started to warm up a bit so we strolled over the peir 34 to go and see the seals. Danielle wasn’t the biggest fan of them as she said the smell but thankfully my nose was pretty blocked. There were so many of them just lazying about in the sun.



We then just jumpped into the car and then headed across the golden gate bridge. While we were at the view point a strange guy in overalls came up to us and made us had a photo shoot doing weird poses with the bridge. We spent the rest of the afternoon driving around seeing some cool places around the city. That night we went to a last minute musical called the last 5 years. It only had 2 people for the entire play and they sang the entire time but it was really good but a sad story.




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