Syydneyyy (said in whale)


As i now hate long haul flights, i decided to try and break the trip up a little with a pit stop in sydney. Luckily enough that’s where Nick lived and i hadn’t seen him in years so thought it would be an awesome time to catch up!

The first day I was there nick was working so I joined a free walking tour to check out some of the sights of syndey. I have been in my fair share of walking tours and i wouldn’t say this was the greatest one but she did an awesome job of trying to make Australian history interesting. At least sydney had a bit more to talk about then perth would…. after the tour I bummed around until nick finished work and then met him for drinks at the opera house. It was a pretty spectacular backdrop for after work drinks!


The weather was amazing so we decided to check out the other manin attraction sydney had to offer, Bondi. Instead of just having a relaxing day at the beach nick made us go on a massive walk from Coggee to Bondi. Everyone in Sydney is really into their fitness! Everywhere I looked there would be people running. The walk was actually beautiful and was a really nice day out. I was pretty pooped at the end of i though! Was the most exercise I had done in months.


That night we were off to a Disney birthday party. We put in a very lame effort into our costume and just wore some disney tshirts. I can’t say the same for everyone else! They looked AMAZING! I really wish i had taken some pictures. As usual I got insanely drunk (starting with 2 long island ice teas will do that) so don’t remeber too much of the night but im sure it was a great time!

We really didn’t get up to much on my last day. We were both pretty hungover so just bummed around most of the day watching shit tv. It was awesome seeing Nick and checking out some of the sights of syndey! Next time he’ll have to come to the country đŸ™‚



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