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I remember first hearing about Sailcroatia the first time I came to Europe. At the time I was too poor to do the trip so had to skip it. I had only ever heard of the company Sail Croatia and knew that it was a party boat full of 18 -21 year olds and knew that I wasn’t going to fit in. I can party at the best of times but a week with drunk kids isn’t my thing. After a bit of research (thankyou wikitravel) I found a company called Medsailors. They had sailboats with 8 people on each and looked like it was a bit of partying with a bit of sight-seeing.

I was pretty nervous before going on the trip. The last time I did a sailing trip I was the only single person on a boat full of couples and was this awkward 9th wheel. I was praying this wouldn’t be the case again… My prayers went unanswered.  My boat consisted of 3 couples (Elle + Ray, Janice + Richard & Nadia + Mike) and one other single chick (my roomie) Jess. It was going to be a long week….

After brief introductions we set sail/turned on the motor for our first destination, Sipan. It was a tiny fishing village that didn’t have a lot to do but was really cute. We had a quick swim and then set off for the Medsailors punch party! The “party” was a bit of a flop. The goon, sorry punch, wasn’t great. Even Jim giving it and extra shake up (dropping it off his shoulder) while wearing crocs didn’t help. No one really knew what to do. It was like an awkward year 9 school disco. Thankfully there was on guy, Nathan that broke the ice and managed to get a few people talking and mingling. By the end of the night we had all settled in had a few beers and had started making friends.


The next morning we were off to Miljet national park. We had a few swimming stops on the way and plenty of time to work on our tans. Jess was very keen to get a tan and lathered herself up in oil and got burnt to a crisp. She had a lovely red glow for the rest of the trip. After a couple of hours of swimming, eating, trying to stand up on the paddle board and trying to be graceful on the lilos we had arrived at the park. We weren’t at the actual park but we were in the bay where you could then rent bikes and ride up a hill and into the park. Ellie, Ray, Jess and I opted out, deciding to be lazy and just swim some more and start drinking. I don’t think we missed out on much. Nadia, Janice, Mike and Richard tried to make it sound cool but everyone else said it wasn’t really worth the massive bike ride.



We were mored right outside the resteraunt which was pretty convenient although none of us were having a huge night. None of us except or captain, Garet (later known as GG). He was blind drunk. I don’t even know when he got so drunk but he was having a great old time. We started calling Garet GG soon after this night as he became so grumpy and moody we never knew how to take him. Some people on the boat thought it was because I turned him down when he snuggled up to me that night but if anyones to blame it Ellie. She jumped all over him with her teachers voice, “Whats going on here?!?!” It was actually really funny as well as akward and I took this as my que to head to bed. We never quite worked out why GG was so gumpy or what would piss him off but it became a massive joke between us all and brought us closer together.


Being Irish GG bounced back quickly the next morning and we were off to our first party island, Kortual. We started off the party by going to a wine tasting at a kinda fancy restaurant. The wine wasn’t that great but it was a great chance to get to know the other boats. There were 2 boats that were pretty much all made up of a group of 12 people from brisbane. How you can travel around in a group of 12 for 6 weeks is beyond me but good for them. We really didn’t have that much to do with them as they kinda kept to them selves. The next boat was the fancy boat and had a group of english guys plus 1 girlfriend and 2 other girls that I never saw. We didn’t really know these guys either until a night out in Havar. The last boat was the one we prob had the most to do with and this was mad up of 3 english girls, 4 kiwis (in couples) and an ausie guy named Pete. Pete was kinda part of the huge group from brisbane but he didn’t hang out with them all that much.


After the wine tasting and a quick wander around old town we were back on the boat having a few drinks before our big night out. I got a little carried away with the predrinking and don’t remember much after. I know I made it to the bar but I don’t think I lasted long and Janice and Elle walked me home and put me to bed. I think everyone else had a good night but it wasn’t too eventful.

After another day of swimming, tanning and eating, we had finally arrived at Pizza island (not its official name). We had been hearing about these pizzas since the first day of the trip. After GG ditched us for “ice cream” it was time to tackle the jumbo pizzas. These things were huge!! No one had accepted the challengs of eating a whole one on there own. Jess and I (the cute couple that we were) managed to get just over halfway through ours. We had so much pizza left over we had it for lunch and a snack the following day.


It was our second last night on the tour and it was going to be a big one. We were at the party island of Havar. I was determined not to have a repeat of Kortual so tried to pace myself a bit better. After a few drinks on the boat we jumped on some water taxis into town. We were off to Hula Hula bar to watchthe sunset. It was a really cool bar right on the “beach” with an awesome view of the sunset. You could go swimming there but none of us brought our bathers except Pete who supposedly stacked it on a paddle board and was mortified, but none of us saw it.


After the sunset, lots of drinks and dancing on tables we were all pretty drunk. It was time to go and find some food and more drinks. We wandered around the city centre for a while eating and drinking before heading to some club whos name I can’t remember. The place was heaving. Everyone was there dancing up a storm. Richard was having the time of his life dancing on the stage. Jess had set her sights on one of the captains, Max, and made a bee line for him. I should have been upset that my girlfriend had ditched me but we had an open relationship and i was distracted by one of the boys from the english boat. Everyone was having a great night and Nadia even whipped out the slug! The slug: a lazy worm where the dancer drags themsleves along the floor. It was amazing!!


Sadly the last taxi home was at 2am so we had to leave. We were the last boat standing therefore we dubed ourselves the official party boat. Jess had lost Max. We did a quick search for him but couldn’t find him and we had to go. We found out the next day he had fallen into the ocean, stepped on a sea urchin and had to bribe a taxi to take him home at 3am. She wasn’t upset for too long though as another captain, …., stepped in to keep her company. To top the night off Mike and Sam broke onto a super yacht and jumpped off the front. To say Sam’s wife Amy wasn’t too pleased would be a massive understatement!

Race day! We had been training hard all week learning how to sail….Not. Thankfully it didn’t matter as there was no wind so it was a paddle board race instead. A few of us were a little hungover so it was a 6 person race. 3 people on the paddle board at one time had to go from the beach around a boat and back and then swap to the next 3. Our team consisted of Elle, Ray, Jess, Janice, Mike and Richard.  I thought we had a pretty good chance until one of the other teams knocked Jess off the board. There was a but of confusion as to what to do and we lost ground. We had a pretty good come back and finished second. A little dissapointing but was still fun to watch. Elle wanted to piss in the cup but we quickly vetoed that idea.



It was our final night together and we were heading out in Split. GG had his flares on so we knew it was going to be a big one. We went to a club called Ghetto Bar which was pretty cool. The music wasn’t great but the outside bar area was awesome. The drinks were so strong. Mine was basically straight booze with a dash of sprite. It wasn’t a massive night in the end as we were all rather tired from the night before but was a nice way to end the trip.

What could have been a really crap time with couples turned out to be and awesome 7 days. By the end we were a little family who I had a blast with! If you want to do a sail trip that isn’t full of 18 year olds and isn’t all about partying then I would highly recommend Medsailors. Hopefully I’ll keep in touch with everyone I met and who knows when we’ll meet again.


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