Kings Landing


As soon as I had found out kings landing from Game of Thrones was filmed in Dubrovnick I wanted to go. It was also the starting point for my sailing trip which was a bonus. After an epic fail trying to get to my hostel using public transport resulting in a very expensive taxi ride, I was finally in Dubrovnik. I had organised to meet up with Rosie in old town before she headed off as I had left my bathers in Greece. Old town in the middle of the day isn’t that fun. It is packed with cruise ship with their stickers on their chests following around guides holding up umbrellas. It is also stinking hot. To beat the crowds you need to get there before 10 or after 6. I had lunch with Rose and her friends and had a quick walk around old town before retreating back to my hostel.

There was a really unlucky girl staying at my hostel. She had just had her wallet stolen and was having a shit time with her bank. I knew exactly how she felt as I had all my stuff stolen earlier in the year in Costa Rica. My advice to anyone that has their shit stolen: When dealing with banks be demanding. They may say they can’t send you card overseas. If they do hang up and call back to get someone who knows what they are doing. I spent hours on the phone with some idiot that told me all the wrong info and made me  call all sorts of people. I finally got someone that knew what they were doing and had it all sorted in 15 mins.

It was finally time!! Kings landing here we come. Some guys from my hostel and I were off to do the game of thrones tour. Our tour guide had actually worked on the show as a costume assistant dressing everyone up. She knew all the ins and out of the show and had met all of the stars that filmed in Dubrovnick. The actual sites we saw weren’t all that impressive. So much is added and taken away to create the set that without it all its hard to imagine. It was still a pretty interesting tour to hear all about how they film the show and create all the scenes.




That afternoon I went on a quick panoramic tour of the city where we had a birdseye view over the city. They were awesome views but there wasn’t much else to the tour. Was still a cool way to end my time in Dubrovnick.



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