My first grown up holiday!


Once I had worked out that I was still going to be in Europe when Rose and Karina were here I decided I had to meet up with them. They were off to the Greek islands and I thought this sounded like an awesome little holiday. I had a flight from Sofia to Mykanos with a 10 hr stop over in Athens. I decided to use this to my advantage and see some of the sites.

I jumped onto the train and headed straight to the Acropolis. It took 45mins to get into town on the train wich left me plenty of time to go exploring. With hindsight I probably should have gone to the museum first but I didn’t think it would be that interesting so gave it a skip and head straight up to the Acropolis. It was very impressive to think how old it was and how beautiful it must have been. Unfortunately I didn’t really know what i was looking at and there wasn’t too much information up there (hence why I would suggest going to the museum first). As a guide once said to Jess “without a guide you are just looking at rocks”. I kinda felt this applied at the Acropolis but they were a bit more then just rocks. It is also under construction/renovation so a good portion of it is covered in scaffolding (like most sites in Europe).


Selfie at the Acropolis. (Pre selfie stick...)

After a quick flight I was in Mykanos to meet up with the girls. They had organised the best accomidation here through air bnb. It was right in the centre of old town overlooking the port. We had an awesome roof top balcony thay we spent most nights sitting on drinking wine and eating cheese. Our time in mykanos mostly comprised of wandering through the streets, browsing in shops and drinking cocktails. Karina and I did manage one night out though on the party islands!


Out the front of our airbnb (Nailing the selfie stick)


View from our balcony

After a rather boozy lunch we continued the party on our rooftop balcony. After several bottles of wine Karina and I decided we wanted to hit the clubs! Rosie being the responsible adult that she is went to bed which I’m sure she was greatful for the next day. We headed to the gay bar that was pretty much directly under our appartment. Apparently Mykanos is the “gay island”. I guess there were a lot of gay bars there but there was also a lot of straight bars as well so I think party island is a better description. The club was awesome.  We made friends with an Italian gay guy in a super tight white singlet that looked like a body builder. He was so much fun! Karina wanted to be Beyonce  (or something like that… I never quite understood) and whipped out some of her famous dance moves. Basically it was a lunge with some air guitar strumming thing I think. It was amazing/hilarious whatever it was. It was a great night out with it ending in Karina declaring “we must make haste!” and then running off to throw up in the corner of a building.

After a day spent nursing some pretty bad hangovers we were off to the next island called Naxos. We had a pretty cool apartment here that looked over the beach and in the far distance you could see the icon of Naxos, Portora. After ditching our bags and cooling down we went for a wander around down. We ended up at the Castel and found out there was going to be a concert there that night that we decided to buy tickets to. It was well worth the €15! There was free wine and the guy perforoming was awesome! He was quite funny and very talented. He played a mixture of greek and english songs and a lot of Latin music. It was a really nice night out that we finished off by having the best tapas dinner at 1am with a very strong nightcap that we never quite worked out.


Amazing Musician

It was time to venture out and see more then just the 1km radius around our accommodation. Karina had read about a little inland town that was known for its crafts and also had a distillery that made some sort of orange spirit. The town was very cute and it had some nice shops but pretty much consisted of just one street and we weren’t the only toursits there. Due to the shit public transport on the island we had a few hours to kill here. We spent quite a while at a cafe eating some cake and drinking juice and had a wander in most of the shops. We went to the distillery but there wasn’t really anyone there to tell you about it or offer tastings. After akwardly walking around for a few minutes we gave up and left.


If you squint you can see the famous arch or Naxos

After 2 nights on Naxos we were off to the famous Santorini. We were booked into the fanciest hotel and even had our own private spa! It was pretty expensive but nice.  Thankfully it had a pool as getting to the beach was kinda a pain, so if you plan on going to Santorini get a place with a pool. We had 5 nights booked here and a lot of that time was spent lying by the pool as it was too hot to get up to much.


Private Spa!!!

On our second day we headed out to check out the Santorini Pompeii (which actually happened 2000 years before Pompeii) called Akotiri. We were set on going to the museum first so we knew what was going on but somehow missed it. Luckily there was a guide there offering a 1hr tour for  €10. It was well worth it! He was so interesting and kinda funny and without the guide it would have been quite boring as there really wasn’t much information around. The people that lived here were amazing having specific trades and even indoor plumbing! They think that they must have known that the volcano was going to errupt as they have never found any bodies or any valuables. It has thought to be the inspiration behind Platos’s lost city of Atlantis.


Santorini Pompeii


Rosie was pretty set on doing a wine tour of some kind while we were there. I didn’t really know if Santorini was known for its wine or not but it sounded like fun. The tour was pretty expensive  (€75) but was really good. Our guide knew a lot about wine and how to pair it with food and all the wine terms that wine people know and I never understand like a fruity bouquet or oaky undertones. After 3 wineries and a brewery I was pretty drunk but we found some good wines and had an awesome time.


Learning about the way they grow grapes


It was finally time to tackle Oia/Ia. This is the place you see on all the post crads and is famous for sunsets. We decided to go during the day instead of for sunset as we heard it was absolutely packed in the evening. We walked around for a while and took pictures that of course didn’t do the place justice. It was beautiful but so insanely hot! If you are going to go in the day go as early as you can to try and beat the heat! After an hour or so we were drenched in sweat and decided we had seen enough so headed back to the hotel to cool down.


Sweating our butts off!

That night karina had booked us in for sunset cocktails in Fira. It was a pretty nice place with delicious cocktails. The sunset was pretty but not spectacular. There were quite afew proposals around the place which were fun to watch but I would hate for someone to propose to me there (take note future boyfriend….).


Romantic sunset cocktails

They final day was spent lounging by the pool reading my book (the best series called Outlander that im obsessed with at the moment). That night we went to a cute outdoor cinema to see Trainwrek which wasnt that great a movie but the cinema made up for it. It was sadly time for me to leave the land of luxury but I had a great time with the girls living it up.



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