You sound like your from London!


I was off back to good old London town as I had booked my flight to Sweden from here. I had been to london several times but had always been a really shit tourist. I arrived quite late on a train from Galsgow. The train ia a really nice and comfortable way to travel but unless you book it really early it’s quite expensive. As I am very unorganized I left it to the last minute but managed to get a ticket for £45 which is ok. A flight would have been cheaper of I had been more organised. The next morning I met up with Lewis to go on the worlds most round about pub crawl with the most closed pubs. Kirsten and I met Lewis in Cusco. At first we thought he was a bit of a douche (sorry Lewis) as he was working out in the room and just seemed like another Perth meat head. But then we started to talk to him and found out he was actually quite cool, just never ask him about Harry Potter! We ended up hanging out for a few days and eating heaps of food as he is just as obsessed about food as Kirsten is. Any way he is now living in London and managed to show me around afew bars that were actually open, how to finish a crossword and where to get the best Kebab in town. I really hadn’t made any friends in the hostel, mainly because I hadn’t tried but thankfully Danny who I had met in Dublin was in town. I met up with her and her friend from home Brandon. They were much better tourists then I was. We met at the British Museum and went and learnt all about ancient Greece and Egypt. They were pretty interesting exhibitions but poor danny was sick so we didn’t spend too ling in here. That night we went to see a musical called Beautiful. I had never heard of it before but we found cheap tickets (£17) on and it was one Danny really wanted to see. It was a musial about a musician named Carol King. I thought I had never heard of her but i soon found out I knew all of her songs. It was a really good musical and a really fun night! The next day I was a loner but decided to continue being a tourist and headed to the tower of London. It was amazing! A def must if you are coming to london. I think I had come here as a kid but I didn’t really remember it. I did one of the tours with one of the beefeaters which was a highlight as they told you all the interesting facts about the place and about some of the famous guest of the tower. I then had a walk around and checked out the armour display in the white tower (the big castle in the middle). It was pretty cool and had all different kids of armour that they wore throughout history. It was then off to see the crown jewels. There was a bit of a line to get in but i thought it was well worth it. The jewels were AMAZING! They have the worlds biggest diamond here and it is absolutely massive! Sadly you couldn’t take any photos in here so you will just have to google them or go and check them out yourslef. All up I think I was at the tower for a good 4 hours so allow lots of time if you plan to go.






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