Does it ever stop Raining?!?!


Its was time to leave cold wet Ireland and head to even colder and wetter Scotland. Thankfully Chris (another person I had met in Thailand) had offered to pick me up and a place to crash. As Chris is currently between jobs he had a lot of time to show me around. We went to the William Wallace memorial and learnt all about Scotland’s first hero. There was actually a lot to learn as I had never heard of him before as I had somehow never seen the movie Braveheart!

We then went to have an exotic lunch at a very Scottish resteraunt called Nandos. Yes we have this South African resteraunt that makes Portuguese chicken in Aus but chris was really excited to go there so why not. We then went to go and checkout some of Chris’s home town attractions. First we went to the aquarium where we saw loads of sharks, fish and some cool frogs. We then headed off to the Kelpies. These were not dogs as i had suspected but these huge horse head statutes that decorated a lock. They really had no purpose but they looked kinda cool and I still have no idea why they are called kelpies. We also checked out the Falkirk Wheel, which is a huge lift for boats that connects two major canals. It’s actually very impressive how it works but sadly it wasn’t in action when we were there so I just had to watch a youtube video instead. We then went home to Chris’ house where his mum played a very gracious host and I finally got to watch Braveheart!

The next day it was off to Glasgow to catch up with Jamie. I met him when I was travelling around Vietnam 6 years ago and he made me eat the worlds biggest garlic clove! Chris came in with me as he had some stuff he needed to do there. We went and had lunch as I had time to kill before Jamie finished work and then i went to one of the biggest Primarks! Primark has to be the greatest store ever for backpackers! Now I know morally Primark isn’t the best stop with all of the clothes come from sweat shops and probably using child labour but I just can’t walk past how cheap everything is! When you are on a budget and need another jumper coz you packed for summer not the middle of winter then I think its ok.

Jamie had finally finished work so I jumped on the train to head over to his place. He was staying in a very cute shared apartment in the west end of Glasgow. It was a pretty nice area that had lots of very funky bars. After a few drinks at home we decided to head out and check out these bars. First stop was a tiki bar which was a bit ironic as it was freezing cold and there was a storm outside! We then walked to another cool bar and had a few drinks there. Apparently this bar had a nice rooftop section but we obviously didn’t check this out as it was still pouring rain.

The next day Jamie acted as tour guide and showed me around Glasgow. We went to the transport museum and had a look at lots of old cars, buses and trams. We then went for a very long walk into town where he pointed out lots of cool bars and the trendy places to live. We then went and had lunch at another very Scottish resteraunt called Cook and Indies. This was basically an all you could eat world buffet. It was pretty good but we were so full afterwards that we had to go home to sit on the couch and digest.

That night we were off to a cool bar that played jazz and motown music (well at least I think that’s what it was. I’m really bad at music genres). After sculling a pint while waiting for the train we headed to the bar in the rain. Jamie was meeting up with a bunch of people from some online thing called meet-up. I don’t know if we have it in Aus but seems pretty cool with people creating events like going to a bar or sailing or any kind of activity and people can join the event. Seems like a cool way to meet new people and everyone that we met at the bar was pretty cool. Jamie was bachelor of the year that night with all the girls very keen to get his attention! It was pretty fun to watch. We ended the night with the greatest meal ever of chips, gravey and cheese!! Best thing ever!!

The next day was spent lying on the couch feeling sorry for ourselves and watching the documentary Human Planet. We did venture out to get the best burgers and chips and buy supplies for our movie marathon but that was about it. Of course it had to be the one sunny day Glasgow has ever had but oh well.


William Wallace´s huge sword!!

Chris and I with the giant Kelpies

Chris and I with the giant Kelpies


Outside the Tiki bar in the pouring rain….. Scottish summer…..


The only photo I took of Jamie…. Shit tourist/friend!!


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