Lovely day for a Guinness!


I guess I couldn’t have stayed with Rachael forever… it was time to return to the common people and head up to Dublin. Even though I had been to Ireland before I had managed to skip over Dublin. To be honest I wasn’t really interested in it but hey when in Ireland…..

After a very pleasant train ride I had arrived at the Capital. It was still bloody cold here and raining but I guess that was so be expected. I really wasn’t feeling in to social of a mood as I was still a bit sick so decided to be a hermit in my room. Thankfully a nice Canadian guy named Terrance dragged me out of the hostel that night to go and check out Temple Bar. Now Temple Bar isn’t actually a bar as its name would suggest but rather a few streets of different bars. They all pretty much have live music of some kind being Irish, rock or just acoustic sets. We grabbed a few pints and went to a few bars to listen to the different bands. We didn’t have to crazy of a night though as drinks are notoriously expensive there. I actually didn’t think they were to bad but the price did seem to creep up as the night went on. Our first pint started off at €5.50 and the last one was around €6.50. Not the biggest jump but it was still pretty early when we left.

The next morning I decided I need to be a tourist! I made friends with an American chick in my room named Danny who was planning on going to the Guinness museum. I decided to tag along with her as I heard it was kinda cool (actually I had heard a lot of mixed reviews from its shit to its awesome but I really didn’t want to be a loner that day).

I actually thought it was pretty cool. Very touristy but set up nicely and very informative! I really didn’t think we would be there for very long but we ended up being there for hours! We had a very nice lunch there. Expensive but very nice! “Treat Yourself!!” We finished it off by pouring ourselves a pint and looking out a the 360 view from the sky bar.





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