I thought it was summer!!!


After sweating our asses off for the last few days it was a bit of a shock landing in sunny Ireland.  It was 14 degrees and raining!! I was visiting Rachael, a chick I had met in Phuket earlier this year. She had graciously offered to pick me up at the airport and crash at her place for a few days. It wasn’t really her place as she is also just travelling but had managed to stay with a friend she used to work with. Now I thought I would be sleeping on a couch or air mattress if I was lucky but we pulled up to a full on mansion! This house was huge and although the styling wasn’t the greatest  the house was awesome! I got my own room with a nice big bed and was so greatful fretful to be out of the crape European hostels!

That night we headed out to the small town of Cashel as Rach had friends coming down from Galloway for a night of drinking. It was a good night out and I soon found out that Rachael’s friend Kristy was related to almost everyone in town! Her dad was one of 15 and she was one of 6!! Nice big Irish families! We went to a few bars and had loads to drink but I was so tired from traveling and was starting to get sick that I had to leave the party and sleep on one of Rach’s friends couch.

After eventually making it home the next day, a very hungover Rachael took me sight seeing. We started with the Rock of Cashel which is actually and old church. I have no idea why it is called that but it was pretty cool. We then dragged ourselves to Kilkenny to check out the castle there. It was a huge castle and had been done up inside to how it used to look when people last lived there. After wandering around the castle and taking some illegal photos (so bad ass I know) we headed to the pub to have some Kilkenny in Kilkenny!!

The next morning Rachael got up nice and early to go and run a half marathon!! I decided to skip this little outing as it would have killed me and I would rather do anything else!! That afternoon we were off to a hurling match. Hurling is a random sport that is pretty rough. Its kind of a combination between hokey and Aussie rules footy. I couldn’t tell you any of the rules but it was pretty interesting to watch. Rach had got me a ticket for my birthday which was super nice of her! Unfortunately I felt like death!! I had full-blown man flu and felt like I was going to pass out! I managed to make it through the game but def wasn’t up for a party afterwards.

I was still pretty sick the next day and Rach was suffering from her marathon so we really didn’t get up to much on my last day in Tipperary. We went and had a roast lunch at a pub near a castle and that was about it. Thankfully I had some quite time and a nice bed to help me try to recover from my cold.






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