The land of tiny meals!


After lounging on Amy’s  couch for 2 days it was time to go to Spain. I was off to the coastal town of san Sebastian (which came highly recommend to by Jess in Port Headland). The plane and bus went smoothly but trying to find my hostel was another story. I had the worst directions and a shitty little map to find the place. I really should have just got a taxi but I’m such a tight ass I decided I could walk it. I ended up walking around up and down this street that I thought the hostel was supposed to be on at least 5 times. After an hour of wandering around I asked a taxi driver for directions and managed to find the place. I was in such a bad mood when I got there I decided to just be a hermit and get Maccas for dinner. My introduction to backpacking in Europe wasn’t off to a great start.

After stuffing my face with a highly cultural meal of a big mac, I had calmed down and decided to go and try to make some friends. I was staying in more of a guest house then a hostel so there weren’t too many people around. I still managed to meet an aussie guy named Tolga, a mexican guy called Elias and a chick from Barcelona called SiSi (I had to look up all of these names on Facebook as I could never remember them). We went out to get Pintox (small little tapas snacks that they serve at the bar) and have a few drinks. As I had already had my delicious me I didn’t partake in the Pintox but I did in the drinking. What was ment to be a few casual drinks out turned into a huge night out with LOTS of drinks. I blame Elias! I don’t remember too much of the end of the night but it was pretty fun.

I woke up the next morning to SiSi snoring like a trucker and farting like one too. I was feeling very sorry for myself. Eventually Tolga and I managed to drag ourselves out of the hostel and go and see some sites. It was a pretty overcast and gloomy day so we just walked around the boardwalk and stumbled across a funicular. We headed up the hill in it thinking it was just going to be a good view-point, but when we got there we found a little fair that was so bad that it was awesome! We went into a haunted house that was actually quite scary but mainly coz Tolga was an absolute pussy and made me go first. We then went on a very old school Rollercoaster that was pretty fun and had a great view!

That night we went out with the receptionist at the hostel and her friend for cheap Pintoxopote. On Thursday nights you can get a beer/wine and a small pintox for €2!!! While this is a great way to get drunk it deffinitly isn’t the best idea for dinner as it’s not much of a meal.

The next day Tolga was off so I made friends with a mexican chick named Monica. we pretty much spent the day lying by the beach as it was sooooo hot! We also climbed up the hill to the Jesus statue at the hottest time in the day!!

My final day was spent getting white clothes for san fermin and doing a pintox tour. It was a pretty good tour where we learnt about the food people eat in the region and the idea behind pintox. In hindsight I wish I had done the cider tour that jess had suggested but I forgot about it until someone mentioned it in pamplona.

That night i decided to embrace my inner bogan traveller that I didn’t know existed and go out with a group of aussies to a music festival. One of the guys in my room had been on a busabout tour and had mates scattered around the place. They were such a typical group of young aussie travellers that just wanted to party. They had all bought matching pink winglets for the night out, I have no idea why, but one of the guys decided to ditch them as he had met a girl. This then ment that I had to wear the spare singlet and we decided it was going to be that guys bucks night seeing as he was now wifed up. Was a little awkward when we rocked up to the festival and he was there with the girl but thankfully he found it pretty funny. I dunno how funny she found it though….


View from the top of the funicular

View from the top of the funicular

Our crazy night out

Our crazy night out

Cheap Pintoxopote!!

Cheap Pintoxopote!!

Soooo much Pintox!!!

Soooo much Pintox!!!

Stoksey's Bucks!!

Stoksey’s Bucks!!


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