The British love a que!


After a solid 9 weeks of work it was time to head off on another holiday! Full time work is clearly not for me…. After a very quick pit stop in Perth to visit some friends and change my luggage around it was back to the airport and off to london. The flight wasn’t too bad. Sleeping tablets and a window seat ment I slept for most of the flight. Amy was also flying in to Heathrow so I decided to chill at the airport for a few hours and head to bristol with her. We spent the day shopping and getting ready for Glastonbury!!


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times! We got up really early, picked up Amy’s mum and Oli and headed off to glasto. We got there around 8:20 am. The gates open at 8. The line was ridiculously long!! We ended up being in line for 3 hours! It was awful!! We had so much stuff and the worlds heaviest tent. By the time we got in and had set our tent up I was exhausted and drenched in sweat. After we had finally recovered we headed off to explore. Little tip: if you aren’t in a large group and don’t have the taj mahal as a tent wait untill the afternoon on wed or even Thursday to turn up. Will save you the awful wait in line. If you are in a big group just carry your tent in and get the rest of your stuff later. 

I didn’t realise that the actual music festival didn’t start until friday. Our first 2 days there involved a lot of walking around and eating. There are so many food stalls there you could spend your entire time eating and still not get through half the stalls. The festival is so large that it takes hours to walk around and by the end of the festival I was so sick of walking and fighting crowds.


It was finally time for the music to start! We kicked off the festival with James Bay, Chet Faker and Mary J Blige. Chet and Mary were awesome and the only people at the festival that I knew more than 2 of their songs. We then retreated to the tent to try to dry off. Thankfully this was pretty much the only rainy day. We were really lucky with the weather! With just a little rain the whole place turned into a giant mud pit! Welles were an awesome investment!! After drying off and a nice cup of tea we were off to see Mark Ronson and Rudamental. They were both awesome I think… I was quite drunk at this stage. After they were done Amy and her mum went to bed but I was set on going out.

Amy and me at the park

I managed to meet a guy at the toilet blocks who I convinced to come to Arcadia with me. He didn’t have any wellies so the walk there was very difficult! Right when we were almost there he decided he didn’t want to go anymore and was going to go home. I decided to soldier in without him and head up the path to Arcadia. Arcadia is amazing!!! It is this giant spider with a dj both in the middle that shoots out flames! It was there that I made friends a Scottish girl named Laura. She had list all her friends so we decided to stick together until she found them. We stayed at Arcadia until it closed and then headed back to Laura’s tent to grab some drinks before going to Shangri-la.


Shangri-la was hectic. There are lots of crazy political things there and it has a sort of mad max post apocalypse vibe. We went to this club that felt like a huge arena. We walked in and there and it was a giant pit with people dancing all around it to heavy techno. We were there until the sun was up and we got kicked out. It was then off to the stone circle!

The stone circle is a very mini stone henge (basically just some rocks in a circle) in the hippie section of the festival. There were a bunch of people sitting around here hanging out. We hung out here for a while talking shit and people watching. Dave was even challenged to a dance off wich had to be the highlight of the night!

Dance Off at the stone circle

I left the stone circle at 9am coz I thought I should try to get some sleep and hang out with Amy. After a quick nap I went to find Amy and watch George Ezera, Burt Bacharach. I didn’t really know who they were and Burt was sooo old but still managed to put on a good show. We then went and checked out the circus section and watched a few acts. That night I watched the start of Kanye West who was actually pretty good and then headed off to find Laura and her friends at Leftfield. He wasn’t as good as I thought he was going to be which kinda sucked but thought we would make it up watching Fat Boy Slim. I don’t know why but they put him on this tiny stage and the crowd was insane. We were nowhere near the stage and were so packed in it was hard to move. He finally started and the speakers were so shit we could hardly hear. It was such a waste of time and kinda set the tone for the rest of the night. We went to Shangri-la but it was so packed there were just huge lines everywhere. We walked around for hours trying to find somewhere to go that wasn’t packed without success! We decided to give up and just head to the stone circle.

After a massive sleep in it was time to start packing. Amy and her mum had work on monday so we had to head back that night. Amy and I went and watched Hozier and then we decided to head home. There wasn’t really anyone else we wanted to see and I was very over the crowds. It was definitely an experience and the biggest festival I have ever been to! Thankfully the weather wasn’t too bad!!



Pyramid Stage


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