Mud Bath


It was time to get out of the rain and head back to Cartagena. Aiden, Danielle and I had booked onto a sailing trip to Panama through the Sand Blast islands. We checked into Mamallena hostel as this is where we had booked the sailing trip through. The hostel was quite nice but I was in a dorm room above the bar so on the nights that they decided to have a party it was pretty hard to sleep.

We were all a bit over partying and decided it was time to be good tourists again. The old town in Cartagena is awesome!! The buildings are beautiful and they have cute cobblestone roads with horse and carts going around. We went to a museum that used to be an old jail and went through all the different torture devises. Again this is another place where you should prob get a guide. We were being stingy again and didn’t and pretty much had to just make everything up as all the plaques were written in spanish.

The next day we decided to head out to the mud volcano. We had read some mixed reviews but thought it was something different that we should give a go. We weren’t off to the best start. We spent over an hour driving around to different hostels/hotels picking people up. Then the aircon on the bus died! It was a very hot and uncomfortable ride out to the volcano. Once we finally go there the place was super busy. There was this random “volcano/mud hill” with some rickety old steps going up the side. When we got to the top of the stairs we looked down into the pit and saw all these people bobbing around covered in mud. We had to wait a while for our turn to climb down but it wasnt to bad. It is the oddest feeling. You just bob around in this giant mus pit. It’s quite hard to even get your shoulders under and you need people to physically push you under if you want your head under. I wasnt that game. One little tip for the mud volcano: be ok about people groping you! First there is a “massage” in the mud pit. I opted out of this as it really didn’t look relaxing. I basically consists of some guy just rubbing you down in the mud. Then once yo uh are ready to get out there is another person that rubs you down as you are climbing out of the volcano to get some mud off you. Then you walk down to the lake to wash off where there are a bunch of ladies that strip you off and scrub you clean. We opted out of this too but kinda wish i didn’t as they got you way cleaner then you can and it’s how they make their living. Like everything all of these little extras cost you but not too much. It was an awesome experience and something totally different so I would def recommend it. My only suggestion would be to get a group together and hire a taxi to get there by yourslef as it saves a lot of the fucking about in the beginning and you can wait till the crowds go so you have more room and time in the volcano.

We spent the last few days getting organised for our cruise. We made friends with a guy in town that had apparently made friends with ben cousins when he was in Cartagena  (don’t know how true this is) who helped us out and showed us where to go to get all of our supplies. I could have spent a lot longer in Cartagena as the resteraunts were awesome, the weather was great and it was just a beautiful city.


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