My other half is gone :-(


We were finally out of the muddy Tyrona and off to Palamino. We had all booked into the Dreamers hostel there as we had heard it was amazing! It was! We felt like we were in a resort but it was a hostel. It was right on the beach and had an awesome pool and restaurant. This was lucky as there wasn’t much else in Palamino.

Even though we were right on the beach we didn’t spend that much time there. It was overcast the whole time and rained a bit and the swell looked pretty dangerous. I think Mike and Alex tried surfing once but didn’t get very far.

It was finally time for Austin, Radick and I to split up. Radick was at the end of his 2 year trip and wanted to be home for christmas, Austin was also heading home for christmas and wanted to do a quick Sand Blast tour before he left and I wanted to spend a bit more time in Colombia as I was in no rush. We went and found Radick, who was staying at a hammock hotel next door, and had a big last night out. We had one of our usual nights out, drinking at the local corner store. We bought some bottles of Aguar Diente (I sucked it up and drank some for the boys last night) and beer and pulled up a chair in the shop. Drinking in the shop is always fun coz you get to hang out with all the locals and have an awesome night people watching. It was a great last night together and of course we were all extremely drunk. It sucked having to say goodbye to Austin. I had been travelling with him for over 5 weeks (the longest I have ever lasted traveling with someone!).  Thankfully I still had Danielle and Aiden.

The day after Austin left we were all very hung over but decided it was time to do something touristy. We hopped on the bus and headed out to see a waterfall. It was about half an hour out of Palomino on the way back to Santa Marta. Once you get off the bus you have to walk in and out of a winding river for approximately 20 mins. The waterfall is actually really cool. You can go swimming at the bottom of it and climb up it and jump off. Aiden and I kept trying to swim up to it and go under it but it was so powerful we couldn’t get close enough without my bathers flying off. There were these little colombian kids though that had obviously been here before coz they could just swim right on up to it. Kinda put us to shame but oh well.


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