Lets get sweaty!


After the coldest bus trip ever with a shitty kid kicking the back of my chair for a good part of it we arrived at the costal town of Santa Marta. We checked into the Dreamers hostel and found Danielle lying by the side of the pool. We soon discoverd half of the black sheep crew were also staying here! Our livers were not as excited as us to see them. We were in for a lot more partying! After a huge night of partying at the hostel, we were dying by the pool and suddenly Radick turned up and decided to drag us out to Taganga where he was staying. It was a shit hole. He had been held up at knife point there the night before and robbed but we could totally see why. He was staying down a dodgy back streets in a dodgy town and was blind drunk! We went for a walk around the coast to the beach there. It really wasn’t that nice. We chilled there for a little bit and then decided to head back to our hostel as Radicks “girlfriend” was arriving that night. While Radick was having a romantic night in, Austin and I and everyone else at the hostel decided to have another big night out and headed to El Mirador in Taganga. It was an awesome night out! It was on a hill with and outdoor dance floor that overlooked Taganga. We all attempted to do our shitty salsa and were there until closing time.

The following night we went out Again to a hostel roof party at La Brisa Loca. It was a pretty nice hostel and they had a really good dj and the drinks were sooooo strong. Its safe to say were were pretty shit tourists in Santa Marta too. We spent our nights partying and our days lying by the pool recovering. After 4 nights of partying it was time to move on and check out the famous Tyrona Park.

While we were waiting for the bus we made friends with a group of brits that were staying at our hostel that we decided to head to the park with. After standing on the side of the road for over an hour, we finally found a bus going to Tyrona. The process to get into Tyrona is a massive pain in the butt so leave nice and early as it takes forever to just get in. First you have to watch this video. Then you have to line up to pay for your ticket. Then you have to line up to get your bags checked. Then you have to line up to get into the park and finally you have to wait for a bus to take you into the park. This took us at least an hour to get through. We then setted off on our hike to the campsite. Everyone recomended we stay at El Cabo which is the furthest campsite away but has the best beaches and a cool place to stay on a rock in the ocean. The walk is kinda tough. It is nice and flat with a few hills but it is so hot and humid!! I think the walk took us a total of 2 hours and we were drenched in sweat! The place was packed when we got there. It was a public holiday so all the locals were there. I would prob recomend going on a week day if you can as there will be less people. Thankfully by the afternoon most of the people had left as they weren’t staying the night and needed to be out of the park by 5. We had been told to try and get some hammocks in the hut on top of the rock out in the ocean as it was nice and cool here and there were less mosquiots. Sadly it had all been booked so we got some hammocks in the campsite*. This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened. That night there was the biggest storm! It started pouring down at 6pm and didn’t stop until 4am (yes i know what time as we didn’t get any sleep). It was freezing cold and everything was flooded. When we woke up in the morning half of the beach had been washed away and the toilets weren’t working….

We really didn’t have the greatest experience at Tyrona. The walk back wasn’t as hot thankfully but the path was completley flooded and by the time we got out we were sweaty and covered in mud!

*I would recomend getting the tents at the campsite if you can as i think it was around the same price as the hammocks (if there are 2 of you). While sleeping in a hammock sounds like it would be awesome, it sucks!! The tents even had mattresses in them!


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