Black Sheep


We were off to very talked up city of Medillin. We had booked into the black sheep hostel as this is where everyone we had met had told us was the place to be. It is not as central as some of the other hostels but it pretty much had no rules. You could bring in as much booze as you wanted and party for as long as you wanted. We took full advantage of this the whole time we were here. The first night we were there we bumped into Danielle and Aiden again but sadly it was their last night. We decided to have a massive party on the roof of the hostel involving a lot of wine!!

This pretty much set the standard for the rest of our time in Medillin. We were pretty shit tourists while we were in Medillin. We did manage to do the Pablo Escabar tour. Poor Austin was pretty hung over but still made it through the tour (Just). There wasn’t all that much to see but they drove us around to some of the places that were bombed during the cocaine wars and some of Pablo’s old hangouts. The tour ended with us visiting the outside of the house where they finally tracked him down and shot him and then is grave site. While there wasn’t all that much to see I thought the tour was really interesting. I didn’t really know all that much about Pablo before so thought all the stories and information on the tour was really good. You can also do a tour where you meet his brother which a few people I met did and said it was pretty cool.

Radick decided he had had enough of us at this point and headed up off north to lie on some beaches. Austin and I decided to do a quick overnight trip to the colourful town of Guatape. It is such a cute town and I would say a must for everyone to do when you are in Medillin. It isn’t to far away so you can do a quick day trip if you are short on time. Guatape is famous for its giant rock. This rock is huge and sits in the middle of the town. You are able to climb up to the top of it by hiking up a lot of stairs. The climb is definitely worth it though as the view at the top is amazing! Guatape is on a man-made lake that is huge and full of all these little islands. The next day Austin and I hired a canoe to go for a paddle on the lake. At first we thought we would try to find some of Pablo’s old houses but we didn’t have a map and we really weren’t moving too fast… In the end we just paddled around a few islands, pulled up to a rock and went for a swim.

Like I said we weren’t the best tourists in Medillin (we hardly left the hostel except to go to the huge grocery store down the road, walk around town a little bit and drink in the park) but we had an awesome time here!


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