The Greatest Hostel EVER


As soon as we set off I knew I had made a mistake in inviting Chad! Austin and I were ready to leave and we had all agreed to meet at the front gate in 10 mins. 20 mins later Chad wasn’t there…. I went to the back of the hostel and he was sitting there having a beer! I told him we were ready to leave and waiting for him at the gate. 10 mins later he still wasn’t there. I was loosing my shit! Luckily for him Austin went and got him. We should have left without him. We were finally outside the gate and trying to get a taxi and Chad was like oh I’m hungry and put his bag down on the ground and went off to find some food! I was furious!! We eventually got into a Taxi 1hour after we had originally planed. Thankfully Chad had developed a little man crush on Austin and never left his side. I felt bad for Austin but was so happy it wasn’t me!

The first night we were there we stayed in a hostel called La Floresta. It was an ok hostel and is where we first met Danielle and Aiden. We ended up running into them the rest of our trip which was awesome coz they were really cool. We didn’t do much the fist night except go to the greatest burger place in the world!! It was called Brunch and it also did the best peanut butter brownies and milkshakes! We ended up eating here ALOT!

The next day we moved to the best hostel I have ever stayed in La Serrana. It was a little bit out of town but well worth it. It was so homey and felt like we were living in a nice country house. We ended up staying here 5 nights. This was partly to do with the hostel and partly to do with trying to get rid of Chad. Thankfully Radick came to our rescue! He even rode up to the hostel on a horse like a night in shinning armour. Sadly Austin and I both missed this as I was in town and Austin was sick in bed (man flu).

We didn’t get up to too much in Salento. We did do the Cocorra Valley trek which was awesome! The trees were insanely tall and looked like something out of Jurassic Park. Poor Austin was stuck with Chad for most of the trek so I’m not sure if he enjoyed it too much but I had a great time walking with a Scottish chick, Ailsa,  from the hostel. The path is pretty easy to follow and it isn’t to strenuose a hike except for the massive hill you have to climb in the middle.

We had one of the best nights out in Salento. It isn’t known as a party town by any means but we stumbled across this bar that is usually just full of men but this time there were 3 women in there so I thought it would be ok to go in. The bar was full of very drunk Colombian cowboys. We sat at a table with 3 very drunk Colombians that did shot after shot of Aguardiente (the grossest drink there is) with the boys. I was just drinking beer and didn’t get anywhere near as drunk as the boys as I had to keep getting up and dancing with all the cowboys. It was a very random but awesome night.  

After 6 days we had finally outstayed The Chad and it was time to move on. I think we could have stayed in Salento for ever!

The Chad:

As we are hiking through the Cocora Valley we are all sweating as it is a humid day and then we look over at chad that is wearing the biggest jacket ever and looks like he is about to pass out. “I heard it wasn’t a hard trek so I wanted to make it harder!” After a bit of persuasion he takes his jacket off and has actual steam coming off him for the next 10 mins!

“During long bus trips if you want to get a bit of exercise in you should stand up in the aisles on windy roads and try not to fall over”

Pulls out his wallet to pay for his hot chocolate. Has currency from every other country except Colombia in there…..

Had flown into the North of Colombia to then Spend 50 hours on a bus to go south to Peru to then turn around and start making his way back to the North of Colombia…..?


There were loads more that I will add when I think of them. I had them all written on my phone before it was stolen.


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