1, 2 ,3 Salsa!!


After a crazy few days we were back on the shitty bus to Cali, the home of Salsa. We had recently found out that young Radick was a ballroom dancer! Never would have picked it. He was very keen to get to Cali and learn some salsa. The rest of us weren’t as excited as him about salsa but thought we would give it a go. Ryan and Sophie left San Augustin the night before so we were meeting up with them at El Viajero Hostel. The hostel was pretty cool and offered free group salsa lessons and had a pool.

The first night we were there we went out to this cool club that wasn’t playing salsa music but had a live band. They were pretty cool but I can’t remember the type of music they were playing.

Sophie had a salsa lesson or 2 already and was a pretty good dancer. I think Ryan had a go but wasn’t all that coordinated. Radick booked up his week with private lessons as he wanted to be a salsa pro. He was actually really good. Way better than Austin! I managed to convince Austin to do 1 group lesson with us. He wasn’t the worst but wasn’t the best either. I don’t think we learnt too much as we were so hot and sweaty and were laughing the whole time at how shit we were. I had a few private lessons which were really run. The guy teaching us was so good and that then made you good as he would just spin and push you around into the right spots. By the end of the class you would be drenched in sweat but was super fun!

There were loads of people at our hostel that became obsessed with Salsa. There were even a group of people who ended up renting an apartment there and signing up to full-time classes for 3 months. I liked it but not that much. It was fun to go to the clubs there though and watch people salsa all night and even give it a go but I was still pretty shit so I liked watching more than dancing.

After a few days in Cali Austin and I decided it was time for us to head off and leave Radick to his Salsa. It was in Cali that my friendly and inviting nature got us into a shit situation that Austin never let me live down…..The Chad!!


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