Off to the Market


It was finally time to pull ourselves off the shitty couches at Vibes and start our journey up to Colombia. Radick was really set on going to Otavalo as its supposed to be one of the largest out-door markets in South America. This might be true but the markets are only big on Saturday. As we weren’t there on a Saturday the market was tiny and there wasn’t too much to do in the town. We found some really cheap accommodation at a “hotel” called Los Cascadas or the Waterfalls. This turned out to be more than just a name. I had this tiny room that felt like a cell. There was a single bed in there that touched 3 of the 4 walls and then just enough room for the door to open. In the morning I woke up to find that my room had flooded and all of my stuff was wet. Thankfully I had kept all of my electronics on the bedside table so they were safe.

Austin and I got pretty bored walking around the markets as there wasn’t much there and we didn’t really want to buy anything. Isabel was really annoying us so we decided since Radick had invited her he could deal with her and we left for the pub. That was pretty much all we did in Otavalo. Sit in a pub and drink for several hours and then went and got some pizza. I imagine the markets are pretty awesome on a Sat but there isn’t much else there on other days of the week.


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