Up in the Clouds


As there wasn’t much to do and see in Quito, Kirst and I thought we should go and check out the cloud forest Mindo. We didn’t have any accommodation booked for when we got there (like always) but met this crazy lady that had a place we could stay at the bus stop. The house actually wasn’t too bad and we had our own room and a nice bathroom but there were dogs everywhere. She was def a crazy dog lady. One night she fell asleep while cooking their dinner and almost set the house on fire. Thankfully she didn’t but the whole downstairs was full of smoke and the kitchen stunk!

There wasn’t really that much to do in Mindo. We decided to take a walk and see some waterfalls. The crazy lady from our “hostel” said it was pretty easy to hitch a ride up to the path to walk around. It was not easy to hitch a ride! I think all of 2 cars drove past us and were full. We ended up having to walk the whole way up there and by the time we go there were too tired to see all the waterfalls so just walked down to the first one and back. We did stop at a ziplining place on the way though that was good fun. Kirst and the other chick that was staying at our hostel had done it before but it was the first time I had ever done it. It was pretty fun and you really got some speed on the long ones. Kirst and the other girl (I feel really bad I can’t remember her name) got into all sorts of weir positions doing a superman and some upside down “butterfly” pose which was really just them doing a massive spready with the guys head between their legs….. (kinda pervy).

The one must do in Mindo is to go to the chocolate factory and do the chocolate tour and then buy a brownie! The chocolate tour was pretty interesting and you got to do a little taste testing at the end but the brownie there is AMAZING!! The butterfly garden is also pretty cool as they have 100s of varieties of butterflies and you get to see all sorts of cool cocoons. Other then that there wasn’t too much to do in Mindo so could prob just stay one night or even just do a day trip if you are really short on time.


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