Sending out some good Vibes!


Pre Mindo:

The best thing about Ecuador is that it isn’t very big and it has everything! After a fairly short but eventful bus trip we arrived in Quito. Ok we didn’t know that it was eventful at the time but found out once we got to our hostel. Someone had attempted to rob me! During the bus trip I remember my bag sliding down to go under my seat but we weren’t going uphill. I thought this was kinda strange at the time but didn’t think much of it and just kicked it forward back under the seat in front of me where Pete was sitting. When we got to our hostel I saw that my bag had been cut open. They didn’t manage to take anything but I was pretty excited. You are always hearing how dangerous South America is but in my experience everyone that i know that got robbed happened sneakily on a bus. Only one of my friends was ever held up at knife point and that was probably because he was blind drunk and walking down these back streets in a really dodgy looking part of town. My Advice: Don’t take anything with you that you wouldn’t be ok with loosing, keep your valuables on you on buses and don’t wonder down dodgy back streets when you are to pissed to even stand.

 For our first day in Quito we thought we would go and check out the equator. There are 2 spots for the equator. The spot where they thought the equator was and a spot where the actual equator is. Apparently you can do all sorts of experiments here and I have heard mixed reviews about the place. I can’t give you my review as we never made it. A big group of us set out for the equator following a girl from the hostel that had been living in Quito for some time so pretty safe to assume she knew where she was going. After an hour or so on the bus we ended up pretty much back where we started and not at the equator. A few people jumped in taxis and headed off to the equator but Pete and I were over it. We decided we would try to find the teleferico and check out the view over Quito. After approximately 3 hours on public transport and some awesome spanish we made it! Just as we were getting off the bus it started to pour down! There was even hail! Pete and I hid out in some office we found waiting for the storm to pass and freezing our butts off as it was sunny when we left the hostel. Eventually the storm died down and we got to head up the teleferico. There wasn’t much of a view as the clouds were still hanging around but we were so impressed with ourselves for making it there we didn’t really care. We got a taxi home and found out it was only 5 mins away from our hostel…The next day Kirst and I headed off to the little town of Mindo.


Post Mindo:

After our short little getaway we were back in Quito and to our surprise everyone was still there! Radick a polish guy that was supposed to be in Colombia, Austin an american guy that was supposed to be heading south towards Peru and Miguel (possibly the coolest person I have ever met) from Israel that was supposed to be heading back to his volunteer project, were all still sitting on the shitty couches at the back of the hostel. Kirsten was heading off to Galapagos so I had to recruit some people to cross the border with me. As I knew Radick was planning on heading that way I decided that we may aswell go together. He then invited this german chick that was working at the hostel who I really wasn’t a fan of. I then found out they were a bit of an item and I was going to be a third wheel on my own trip!! I wasn’t keen on this so decided Austin had to come! Thankfully after a few jam sessions (Miguel obviously playing all the music as none of us were very musically talented) and a lot of smoking and drinking Austin decided he couldn’t be away from us and had to change his plans and loop back up to Colombia, a country he had just flown over… I’m sure he would say “GREATEST decision he ever made!”


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