Don’t Post stuff from Ecuador!!!


After another crappy night bus and a border crossing that consisted of a lot of waiting in lines, we arrived in the party town of Montanita. It was a beautiful day, which is rare in Montanita (most of the time it is overcast with light misty rain), so we spent the day lying on the beach working on our tans and eating Ceviche! They had the best Ceviche on the beach in Montanita! As it was mid-week there weren’t to many people in town and not all that much going on. We were staying at a pretty cool hostel called Iguana Backpackers, that was US$7 a night but unfortunately it was the loudest place ever. It sounded like we were sleeping under a herd of elephants!! If you stay in the hostel try to stay on the top floor or bring some earplugs as the middle floor is so loud! it does have good showers though which is rare in South America.

The one thing I wanted to and eventually managed to achieve in Montanita was to send a package home with some of the things I had bought in Peru and Bolivia. My bag was so incredibly full and I had thrown away as much stuff as I could. It was getting difficult moving around as I was carrying so many bags so it was time to try to offload some stuff and post it home. I really didn’t think it was going to be as hard as it was. The Montanita post office is not the most reliable and I would not recommend it!! It wasn’t open most of the time even though it said on the door it should be open so I spent a lot of time walking back and forward between the hostel and the post office. I finally got there on a day that it was open and the guy working there had no idea how the post system worked or how much it would cost. He told me one price and then when it came time to posting it he realised it wasn’t that price and was around double the price he said. In the end he had no idea what he was doing so I had to wait for this other guy that normally works there to come in and help. I should have taken all these difficulties as a sign that I shouldn’t post stuff from here but I just really didn’t want to carry it with me any longer! The New guy seemed to have a bit more of an idea on what was going on so that gave me some faith! It ended up costing me something like US$70 and to this day (about 7 months) still hasn’t arrived…..


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