Time to Party!!


After all that hiking it was time for some chilling at the beach and partying. I was off to the party town of Mancora. Sadly there wasn’t a direct bus from Huaraz to Mancora so I had to have a stop over in Trujillo. There really wasn’t much to do in Trujillo but i made friend with an American guy named Daniel at the bus station who was also heading to Mancora. We checked out the church and went to the markets where i saw the coolest thing ever! They had these chickens that were cut in half but still had their organs in them but the cool part was you could see different stages of the egg developing. I would have no idea how they cook them or eat them but was pretty cool to see. We then headed to Macca’s and played cards for hours until it was time to get on our bus.

We arrived at the party town of Mancora at 6am. Thankfully we had managed to get a booking at the famous Loki hostel. This hostel was like a resort. If you are heading to Mancora you def need to stay here. Isabel was also staying here and Dan had a few friends he had met earlier in his trip so we had a little group going. That night it was time to party!! The Loki is a party hostel and has events/parties every night. That night was a beer pong tournament. Isabel and I were undefeated champions. Isabel was amazingly good at beer pong!! I got a few good shots in but she was definitely carrying our team. The night consisted of a lot of drinking and dancing.

The next night was a Jungle party. Pretty much was a repeat of the night before. Lots of drinking, beer pong, dancing and running around on the beach. It was a fun night but I was dead the next day. Partying back to back really takes it out of you. Other than partying there isn’t too much to do in Mancora except kite surfing and surfing. As I can’t do either of these I got a bit bored. We did do a day trip out to this pier where you can go swimming with turtles though. I didn’t actually get in as it was freezing and once you were in the water you couldn’t really see the turtles. But if you do decide to go in def hire some snorkels or goggles so you can see the turtles. It was pretty funny watching everyone freak out though as a giant turtle swam past them.

After a few nights of partying it was time to head off to another party town…. Even though I wasn’t really in the mood to party any more I had a few days to kill before my flight to the Galapagos so just followed Daniel and the boys. Little tip about Mancora: If you really want to party it is better to go here on a weekend.Even though everyone here is a backpacker and don’t work during the week the weekends seem to have more on and there were a lot more people on the weekend.


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