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It was finally time to head to Cusco – a place I had always been excited to go to after watching the movie The Emperor’s New Groove. I don’t know if this movie was actually set here but the main guy’s name was Kuzco and I’m pretty sure it is based in some South American country…  So after another crummy bus trip with no sleep we were finally there. We had booked into the hostel that Cesar was working at called Millhouse. It was a pretty cool hostel. We didn’t have too many plans for Cusco but we knew we had to go to Machu Pichu. It was at about this point in the trip that I started to realise I had no idea what I wanted to do on this trip as I had made 0 plans. I decided it was time to give Spanish lessons another go. I enrolled into a week course that was just up the road from the hostel. It was a good school and I did lessons for 4 hours a day but would lose interest around the half-way point. I also wasn’t very good at doing my homework (some things never change). During this week I didn’t really get up to much. Would go to school and hang out at the hostel and wander around Cusco. Cusco is a really cool city and very pretty but definitely one of the most touristy places we had been to so far.

After my week of classes I decided I would volunteer at an after school project that some of the girls at my school were at. I rocked up on Monday and got assigned to the youngest kids group. I then sat upstairs for an hour or so playing games with the kids but understanding nothing as my Spanish was still pretty shit. We then went outside and I stood there for an hour swinging the skipping rope. Then we all had to go upstairs and listen to the guy that ran the project talk for 2 hours about I don’t know what as it was all in Spanish. I think all up I was there for 5 hours and didn’t understand a word that was said. I went for one more day and then ended up bailing. It was a really good project but if you didn’t speak Spanish it was a bit of a waste of time as you really weren’t much help.

Kirst and I finally decided it was time to start doing something in Cusco. We went out to the secret valley and checked out the Moray Inca ruins. We didn’t know this at the time but apparently it is thought that these were used to test out different crops at different climates as they have a temperature difference of 15 degrees between the top and bottom (thanx Wikipedia). We then went for a hike through the village that Kirsten had found online. It was a really nice walk, not too strenuous and beautiful scenery. The walk ended at an awesome salt mine that looked like Santorinie.

View over Cusco

View over Cusco



The salt mine

The salt mine


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