Why hike when you can ride a Mule!!!


After arriving at 5 am and being told there was no room in the hostel we wanted to go to (there was def room the guy was just being a douche bag) we were left wandering the streets of Arequipa. Thankfully we found a hostel not to far away that did have rooms but unfortunately it was one of the chain party hostels, Wild Rover. There are a few of these chain party hostels around South America and they are great if you want to party but they do seem to attract a certain type of clientele.

We spent the day exploring the city. Arequipa is one of the prettiest cities that we went to on the trip. It has some beautiful churches and everything is made out of this white/grey stone. We went to a museum there that had this amazing display about a mummy they found in 1995. She had been preserved so well as she was frozen and was thought to have been killed between 1450 – 1480 as an offering to the gods. It was so interesting to learn about the human sacrifices and ancient beliefs and the coolest part was you got to see her! A must do if you go to Arequipa!

We decided to book onto a 3 day 2 night trek into Colca canyon. Colca canyon is one of the deepest in the world and is thought to be 2 times deeper then the grand canyon (thankfully we didn’t hike the deepest part). We started the trek off insanely early to make it to the top of the canyon in time to spot some Condors. After 30mins of staring into the sky we finally saw one. Unfortunately it was so far away we couldn’t really appreciate how big and ugly they are. We were then back onto the bus and off to start our hike. Most people had signed up to do the 2 day one night hike but thankfully we chose to do it in 3 days. You do the exact same track you obviously just have more time to do it on the 3 day hike and i think it was only like $10 more. Our group consisted of a German guy, Tim, and his dad, kirst and me.

The first day was pretty shit. Although it was all down hill I discovered that going downhill is worse than going uphill. It was so hot and my knees were so sore as were my big toes! We finally made it to the bottom and into some shade when all of a sudden Tim’s dad went white and started making a weird noise and then suddenly collapsed. It was so scary I thought he had a stroke and we were at the bottom of the canyon! Thankfully he had just fainted and came too pretty quickly after our guide put some smelling salt/oil thing under his nose. Thankfully we were only a couple of meters away from our accommodation.

The next day wasn’t too bad. A bit of up and a bit of down and we arrived at our accommodation with plenty of time to lie by the pool and work on our tans. After a bit of R&R it was time to tackle the third day… the uphill climb out of the canyon. I decided to wimp out and get a mule…. Tim and Kirsten did the hike but Tim’s dad and I had a sleep in and then jumped on some Mules and got carried out of the canyon. Yes it was lazy but it was very fun and also CBF walking when I can pay for a Mule!

Condor flying over the canyon

Condor flying over the canyon

At the bottom

At the bottom of the canyon 

End of the hike looking over the valley

End of the hike looking over the valley


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