Time to get a Tan!


After a quick pit stop in La Paz we were off to Isla Del Sol in the Bolivian side of Lake Titicaca. After a short but windy bus trip where the kid behind me threw up everywhere we arrived in the little town of Copacabana. From there we got tickets to head to the north side of Isla del Sol. Thankfully on the boat trip over we met Isabella, from Germany, and Eva, from Belgium, who knew a bit more about the island then Kirst and I (we knew nothing). We found the cheapest accommodation in all of Bolivia. For a private room with a hot shower it was only $3 a night (well I think it was that cheap… my memory isn’t too great). That night we went on a walk to see the mini Machu Picchu (not what it is really called) and then had to climb a frikin MOUNTAIN to watch the sunset. Isabella and Eva were really into hiking, I on the other hand hated every second of it but we did have wine at the top and it was a nice sunset. That night we went to the only restaurant in town and had a cheap Menu Del Dia*.

The next day we packed our bags and headed off on our hike to the south of the island. It was a really nice walk with a few tough uphill parts but nothing too hard. I think the walk took us 3-4 hours and was just through farmland and along the coast. When we got to the south of the island we had some lunch and had a look around. Eva and Isabella stayed on the island another night but Kirst and I were getting the ferry back that afternoon and were then getting onto a bus across the border that night. We almost missed our bus as we thought getting something to eat was more important and then in all the flurry we lost our tickets for out connecting bus. Thankfully someone called the bus station and let them know we had paid for the tickets so we were able to get onto our bus to Arequipa.

Oh we didn’t actually Tan here as it was freezing but I guess you could have gone swimming in the lake if you were game enough!

*Menu Del Dia is the cheapest meal option through most of South America. You get a soup for starter, a main which is normally some kind of meat and rice, fried eggs and plantains and a juice and normally cost about $2-5.

At mini Machu Picchu

At mini Machu Picchu


View on our walk

Drinking wine freezing our asses off waiting for the sunset

Drinking wine freezing our asses off waiting for the sunset


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