I’m outa here!


After joining the workforce and working full time for 8 months I realised full time work was not for me. My sister had planned a trip backpacking around South America starting with the World Cup in Brazil. I decided to join her in Bolivia and that’s about as far as my planning went.

After the worlds longest most round about flight (5 flights totaling 32 hours and lost luggage, anything to save a couple of dollars!!) I finally arrived in Santa Cruz. I had organised to stay with a girl, Carolina, that had come to my high school in year 10 as an exchange student. 1st trip for budget travelers: Stay in touch with EVERYONE! You never know who you can hit up for a free nights accommodation! Her and her husband picked me up from the airport and then took me out to dinner. I was also given my own room in her really nice apartment.

The next day I headed to the airport to meet Kirsten (my sister) and pickup my lost bag. Tip number 2: If you are heading to South America try to learn some basic Spanish before heading there or become excellent at Charades! Trying to get a taxi with not a word of Spanish turns out to be quite difficult. After a lot of miming and Spanglish I finally arrived at the airport. Thankfully Kirsten had been doing some lessons in Spanish so the trip home was a lot easier.

To be honest we weren’t the greatest tourists in Santa Cruz. We went out one night with Carolina and her friends which was good fun but we weren’t the biggest party animals as Kirsten was sick and I was getting over jet lag (well that was my excuse). We did go to one really interesting restaurant called Casa del Camba, where we got an array of bbqed meat. Now in Bolivia they eat EVERY part of the animal, so on our bbq plate we had kidneys, intestines, and the thing I found the weirdest: Cow’s Udders! The intestines were super chew and not that enjoyable but the udders were surprisingly ok. A bit creamy and mushy and I wouldn’t choose to eat them again but not awful.

Kirst and Me with Carolina and some of her friends

Kirst and Me with Carolina and some of her friends


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